Zebralight SC700d

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  • Made for the outdoors
  • Very bright light
  • Great for camping and hiking
  • Easy to use with a single button on the side of the flashlight
  • Comes with a battery, charger, and carrying case


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Missed The Mark For Me
I love Zebralights and I loved this light a whole lot. Until I started using it daily. Here is the 2 deal breakers for me and why I sent it back. The light doesn't use springs. It uses these nubs for the battery contacts. Now this is not really an issue at first. Then I started noticing my expensive...
NewZona Rides
3 years ago
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Zebralight SC700d Flashlight Review (Cree XHP70.2 (neutral white), Side E-Switch (with programming), Programmable thermals, 21700 (flat top unprotected only))
The SC700d is one of those lights that still puzzles me. It is very big for a ZL but it doesn’t have that much throw. I honestly feel like they could have stuck with the XHP35 HI!. Otherwise I like it a lot.
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[BST] February 2022 Buy, Sell, Trade Thread.
* Zebralight SC700d. FYI I'm located in Germany so take that into consideration in regards to shipping.
I've got both the SC64w HI and the H600Fc, and I love them both, but I fear it wouldn't be the same with the SC700d. I recently got two 4x18A with XHP70.2 4000/5000K, and the tint shift is a real deal-breaker for me (tbf, the big, smooth reflector didn't help either), and this kinda refrained me from getting the SC700d even more. So, my fellow tint snoobs, would you suggest getting the SC700d anyway, or wait and hope in a XHP70.3 version that *might* improve the quality?.
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Favorite woods flashlight?
If you really want a flashlight I’d get a Zebralight SC600w MKiv plus or SC700D. Zebralights are potted for extra durability (most mainstream and enthusiast brands (Olight, Fenix, Streamlight, Lumintop, Emisar/Noctigon, etc) aren’t potted. They’re also known for their excellent runtimes and high cri is very nice to have for hiking, most mainstream brands just use low cri cool white LEDs. Edit: my personal setup is:.
[Help Me] Looking for a hand-filling flashlight with a 21700 rechargeable battery.
It's got awesome ergonomics like the SC700d (possibly even better), even more brightness and throw on turbo, the best UI out there (anduril 2) which can be configured to have stepped modes like you asked for (that's how I set mine up), a magnetic tailcap, built in USB-C charging, an efficient driver, and RGB aux LED's. My review is still in the works but, in short, if you don't mind having to lock it out when not in use it's absolutely phenomenal.
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Having been on this journey for three quarters of a year, I feel like I have developed two modes:
I was really impressed when I was trying out the Zebralight SC700d. It was simultaneously both the dimmest and brightest (tied with my D4V2) I had tried at the time.
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🚨Calling the all-knowing oracles - once again🚨
As for compact 21700 flashlights, the Zebralight SC700d is pretty amazing. 90+ CRI, 3000+ lumens, extremely durable and well built and crazy lightweight. It’s also very comfortable in hand. The switch falls right under your thumb.
Acebeam E70-AL Flashlight Review (Cree XHP70.2 6500K (5000K available), 21700 (standard cell, not included), tail e-switch, Tritium slots (!!))
After playing with the Zebralight SC700d with the high CRI XHP70.2, it makes me wonder if Killzone could convince Acebeam to do a high CRI E70 production run. Perhaps they could even use a GT-FC40. The double click for on is definitely unique. I'm not a fan, but perhaps it's a way to combat accidental pocket activations that are common with e-switch lights.
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If you were going to buy a modified Zebralight, which model would you buy?
If you can't really swap the LED in the SC700d, you could still slice/shave it for more throw, which would be cool. But I'm not a "zebralight guy" so take my suggestions with some salt.


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