Zebralight SC64w

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  • Great for everyday carry
  • Bright enough to light a cigarette 1 block away
  • Small and easy to use
  • Quality build
  • Not for power users


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The ultimate flashlight enthusiast's flashlight... for those with the patience to reprogram it.
Do you want a no-nonsense light with a simple-to-use UI that you can take out of the box and start using right away? Then this probably isn't the light for you. Does the thought of pulling up the manual and spending an hour or two in a darkened room fiddling around to manually program each and every...
4 years ago
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Zebralight SC63w Flashlight Review
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Long Review What's Included Manual and Packaging Build Quality and Durability Size Retention Power User Interface and Operation Modes LED and beam Tint vs... Beamshots, Runtime, etc table. Comparisons
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All I really need. This is a fun subreddit but I think it's time to exit before this turns from tools into toys.
Zebralight SC64w HI and H600Fc. I really like these lights, the durability, battery life, and beam quality are just excellent. I have a handful of other cheap lights and these puth them all to shame. For walking the dogs, working on house/car, backpacking, trail running, and caving I really don't *need* anything else.
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This is a TOOL, not just a flashlight!
I own several Zebralight flashlights and this one is the most useful. It’s small enough to go in your front pocket, and bright enough to light a cigarette 1 block away... not that I smoke. Be advised that the beam, while astonishingly bright (1400 lumens for this-neutral white version, 1616 lumens i...
Dirty Ernie
4 years ago
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What underrated flashlight should all of r/flashlight know about?
Decent quality. Easy user interface. Nice to hold. I've got a Zebralight SC64w HI on my bedside table but I reach for the S2+ if I need to get up.
19 year old’s edc. Any suggestions on a nice lil handheld light?
Wurkkos FC11 if you want maximum function value for your dollar. Zebralight SC64W HI if you want a tough as nails tiny flashlight that also has really nice quality light.
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Zebralight SC64w Mini-Review!
The UI is pretty simple, you hold it and it ran up through low medium and high mode groups and within those mode groups you can double tap and access the sub mode, and you can program those sub modes to be whatever kind of brightness. You prefer. As long as they're within the low medium and high the new, your flashlights like this one can be programmed to go any brightness
4 months ago
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My sister is a firefighter and an avid outdoors woman, what is the brightest/best flashlight under 100$ that I could get as a gift for her?
It's $35 with a battery included. * The **Zebralight SC64w HI** is the smallest light on this list, but still puts out a ton of light that is also nice on the eyes. Great as an EDC light or for use outdoors camping/hiking, etc. It has amazing battery life, a great UI that you can program just how you like or leave as is, and is built super solid.
Brightest 18650 flashlight for the price
This is definitely the brightest 18650 flashlight that is pretty inexpensive, yet still has at chip to regulate output and temperatures. Plus the size is super small... basically just a touch bigger than the battery that fits inside the flashlight. Very nice hotspot in almost pure white color for th...
Andrew Lovrich
3 years ago
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[NLD] First month here and I wanted to cover all the bases.
I canceled and changed to the sc64w since I'd have to wait anyways. It ended up shipping 2 days later even though the site still said backordered. I love this light and plan to edc it when appropriate.
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Bulb Technology


Light Output (Low)

150 lu

Power Source


Pocket Clip Included