Zebralight SC64c LE

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  • Made for the military
  • Durable and reliable
  • Bright light for a long time
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Great price point


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**Must have integrated charging. **Would prefer 4000K or 4500K. **High CRI obviously preferred but really not critical. **I already have the following lights: Armytek Wizard Pro Nichia (my favourite), Zebralight SC64c LE (don’t like lack of integrated charger, nor the light appearance), AceBeam T36 (too bright on low), Sofirn SP36 Anduril (5000K, too wide, way too heavy), Armytek Prime A2 (CW and AA only) and a bunch of keychain lights.
[NLD] HDS Rotary - From Finland to Argentina in 284 days
I don't find it too pink at all, it's actually a pretty pure white. I was almost afraid I'd find it too pink, but I can't see any pink at all.
They went through all the trouble to create such a wonderful light and then completely fell short on their market research when it comes to the tail cap. If I am missing something here please enlighten me. Also, don’t get me wrong, I still love my SC64c LE and you will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers to get it away from me but I just ordered magnets to fit the tail cap along with epoxy to attach it and it feels a little ridiculous. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and time!
If you could only choose one flashlight to keep, what would it be and why?
If I’m going for practicality here I’m going to have to say the zebralight SC64c le. It’s high cri, it’s got a combination of spill and throw that makes it all you really need for both indoors and outdoors, it’s incredibly small for an 18650 so you could edc it, and it’s really efficient.
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[BST] April 2021 Buy, Sell, Trade Thread.
**[WTB]** Zebralight SC64w HI or SC64c LE, shipped to UK. (I realise everyone loves these so much they never part with them so it may be a fool's errand. If you can recommend any European dealers with these in stock please do! ).
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What do you take camping?
Convoy S2+, Zebralight SC64c LE, and Wildtrail WT1M. They're my daughter's lights, so they come along. And tbh, all the rest of my lights in an Apache 4800 case, most of the time. For car camping, I'm more likely to bring almost everything if I have the space.
Need a new EDC flashlight sub $100.
Zebralight SC64c LE will probably be one of the best options. Durable, nice tint/CRI, and a good UI. I've tried olight, fenix, nitecore, lumintop, etc. But there's just something about ZL that stands out.
What is the most practical flashlight in your collection that you would trust with your life?
My MK37vn and k30gt get lesser use, but I grab them sometimes too. ZL gets my vote though for the durability. My sc64c LE has managed to stand up to my 2 year old for an entire year, and the anodizing isn't even scratched.
Best POCKETABLE edc flashlight recommendation
For me that says Zebralight SC64w HI/SC64c LE, idk how long is the wait now but totally worth if you want something reliable and as tiny as a 18650 flashlight gets.
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What is your most recommended light that you've never used?
Zebralight SC64w HI / SC64c LE. Yes, it's tiny and awesome, but I already have three lights in that category - Zebra's own H600Fd, the FW3A, and now a Jetbeam RRT01 Raptor with 219b. Buying one would be slicing the pie far too thin, though I have been tempted.
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