Yamaha P-515

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  • Great for beginners
  • Yamaha's new flagship digital piano with
  • Lots of sounds
  • Solid build quality and lots of features
  • Very nice action


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Top reviews

WARNING!!! Includes 2nd-rate pedal!
Enthusiastic 5-star rating. I concur with all the other top ratings. But BEWARE, the P-515 comes with the second-rate FC4 that is not able to half-pedal. It is binary - essentially switching sustain either on or off. What you want to get is Yamaha FC3 pedal for $40. This makes a big difference for a...
J. Jarvis
3 years ago
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I genuinely cannot decide on which digital piano to invest in.
I recently shopped for keyboards and settled on the Yamaha P-515. It has the upgraded NWX keyboard which is only found on the way higher priced clavinova and offers a massive range of voices. I was looking at the DGX models but this was a few hundred more and I've read only great things.
Solid Value for a True Instrument
After about 6 weeks with my new Yamaha P515, I can confidently say that I love this keyboard. I am a classical and jazz pianist, and have owned many acoustic pianos and needed an excellent compact digital replacement for my recently sold 9 foot concert grand. I compared and researched all of the opt...
Nathanael N.
3 years ago
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I wanted a midi controller with great action, got much more.
I bought this keyboard for the 88 key 'wooden keys' action which is terrific...The piano sounds are others are really good, and the included 16 track sequencer and ability to shape sounds is awesome...
After buying keys for studio and live work for over 25 years, this is best purchase I've made...
4 years ago
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Musician reviews: Yamaha P-515 B B-Stock - "This is..."
Shipped quickly and arrived well. I would recommend it. People that took the "IS IT GOOD FOR ME?" test said they wanted to buy Yamaha P-515 B B-Stock for the above 3 reasons
3 months ago
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Yamaha P515 - Fantastic Keyboard, Kraft-Music-Awesome Company
I purchased a Yamaha P515 88-key weighted action digital piano on 11/19/2018 as a Christmas present for my son. The keyboard arrived within a week of my order. I contacted the seller, Kraft-Music the next day, and told them that the front facing panel appeared to have some bubbles under the paint in...
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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Wonderful piano sound and features
This p515 is an excellent digital keyboard and the sound quality is a step above. The Cfx Yamaha grand uses binaural sampling and the Bosendorfer uses regular sampling but they are both great. The Cfx maybe a bit brighter but I love the Bosendorfer too and play it alot, the 515 has enough volume to ...
7 months ago
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Yamaha P515 Digital Piano Detailed Review with Sound Samples
Okay, that's it thanks for watching. I will include a little snippet of the ballad in g minor by friedrich chopin, just to show you the nuances that this cfx grant can do, and you can do with your fingers if you so desire, [, Music, ] and in terms of um, this piano being A good investment - i definitely think so, and if you're considering purchasing this piano versus um, the es8, i think it's called by kawaii or an fb90 by roland. I definitely go for this
3 months ago
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Secret birthday question
If you're looking for portables, I used to be a big proponent of Kawai digital pianos -- they've recently jumped up in price, though, so I'm more inclined to recommend Yamaha these days. Assuming you're only looking at portables, in the intermediate range I'd suggest the Yamaha P-515 ($1600), or in the beginner range you could consider looking at the P-125 ($700).
Yamaha P515 is a great digital piano
This is Yamaha's new flagship digital piano with many new cool features. I don't normally give five star reviews, this piano is worth 4.5 stars. I have played it for about two days and compared it with my Yamaha P255 (the previous flagship) and think P515 offers a lot more. I am very pleased with th...
4 years ago
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