Roland FP-30

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  • Great for beginners
  • Nice key action
  • Decent speakers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Several sizes of headphone jacks


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Key weight, sound, portability = perfection with the Roland Supernatural Digital Piano
The media could not be loaded. My son has used another portable highly popular keyboard for years, so when his second (or third one) broke, he did some extensive research on every portable piano available in today's market. He chose the Roland Supernatural Digital Piano and sent me this video of a q...
4 years ago
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This is my dream come true (a top-line keybed for lowest price possible). The oboard sounds are pretty ass, but I dont use on-board sounds, dont sequence on the keyboard, dont need a built in audio/midi-usb device, dont need "bluetooth" connections, dont need onboard speakers, etc. Just give me the nice 88-key keybed with a midi out, and I am golden.
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i really like the keyboard and am happy with it
i don't really have any previous experience with pianos or keyboards. i do have some musical ability though. i really like the keyboard and am happy with it.....4 stars because every company has taught me that there is always room for improvement. i would recommend to others.
5 years ago
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Very nice piano fore the Price
I purchased this instrument to use as my upstairs piano. The action is very good--much better than my little Yamaha DGX-230, which had no action to speak of, and didn't have a very good piano sound. So I replaced it with this Roland FP-30. The reason I gave it four stars is because the sound is some...
Donna J. Lambert
6 years ago
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Digital piano recommendations
I bought the new model Roland FP-30X, really nice piano sound.
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Roland FP-30 vs Yamaha P125? Well, depends! ([month_year])
The Yamaha, on the other hand, does tend to feel a little artificial in comparison.
3 months ago
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Feels like a real piano
I grew up learning and playing on an upright Baldwin but have gotten the opportunity to play on a few Grand's and Baby Grand's over the years. After having to give up my upright when moving into a 2nd floor apartment several years ago, my Wife got me this for most recent birthday. My technique is st...
4 years ago
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I'm never going to play chamber music, it's more to learn + practice in my room during quarantine. If I ever were to play for anybody it would be a recording. There is barely any price difference between the two options locally (FP-10 = 760, P125 = 850) so that isn't a worry. Listening to the FP-**30** vs the P125 I preferred the sound of the FP-**30** (it's like 1.2k here though...) if that changes anything.
new to playing the piano
These can usually be found for between $30 and $50. From all of my research back when I was looking for a good beginner digital piano, the big names were the Roland FP-30, the Yamaha P125, and the Kawai ES110. These still seem to be the top performers in the beginner digital piano category.
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Amazing piano with great touch and sound
I was looking for a digital piano under $1000 for playing classical music, and the most important factor for me were the key action and the touch. After trying FP-30, I just fell in love with it. The key action is really amazing. It feels similar to acoustic piano which I didn't expect at all with t...
6 years ago
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