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Yamaha P45

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  • Great for beginners
  • Loud enough to play in a performance
  • Small enough to move single handedly
  • One year warranty
  • Good sound quality


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Yamaha P45B Keyboard [2022 Review] - Sweetheart Flute
According to our Yamaha P45B Keyboard review, the keyboard fits in most cars, you can easily transport it to performances or get it on the road. Another reason we like this keyboard for beginners is that there are ten songs pre-programmed, as well as ten demos to play together with. Beginners will benefit from this because they will be able to learn from songs when actually playing something according to this Yamaha P45B Keyboard review
3 months ago
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Do u guys think this would be a good piano for a more a new player?
You should get a fully weighted keyboard, I recommend Yamaha P45, it's the cheapest one.
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The first time i put my fingers to this digital keyboard !!!
I had to sell my piano as moved into an apt.
Ive been using a five octive key board
Im an easy piano player. I only took 3 yrs of lessons.
I saw this at Costco at Covington in wa.
As soon as i put my fingers ipon this 88 key 🔑 keyboard i suddenly knew what id been missing since i sold my piano !...
4 years ago
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Stopped working after two months
We purchased this Piano in October. Two of the keys stopped working in December. Although it is on one year warrenty, Amazon does not support it. Yamaha dealers do not support return or repair it either. After calling five of dealers, they gave me the address of a "Keyboard repair shop" 50 miles awa...
5 years ago
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Yamaha P45B Review [After 1 Year of Extensive Use]
Conclusion The latest Yamaha P45B is an ideal musical instrument for beginners who want to be able to experience the quality of a real, acoustic piano at an affordable price. It also boasts of a compact, lightweight design which allows for better portability and makes it ideal for using at home as well as outdoors.
3 months ago
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Is this a good deal?
DO NOT BUY THIS! someone mentioned yamaha p45 which is a great keyboard and will be great to learn on but Yamaha also do some cheaper lower end keyboards which is what I learnt on before getting a roland go
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Yamaha P-45 Review: Best Beginners Piano in 2021
Affordable price rangeEasy ​​​​to useRealistic Acoustic Piano SoundSuited for students and beginner playersWeighted ActionWeak sustain footswitchSpeakers aren't loudNo RecorderThe Yamaha P-45 digital piano with its superior look and feel, weighted keys, hammer action is worth it, considering it's price range. It has the amazing sound quality, and its emulation of a grand real piano is effective and amazing. It is one of the ideal model for beginner and hobbyists
3 months ago
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Yamaha P45 vs P125 - Australian Piano Warehouse
The P45 also has an inbuilt metronome, so if your goal is mainly to practise piano, rather than recording and using different sounds and features, the P45 might be your preferred choice, also keeping in mind the question of longevity and playing satisfaction. Both the P45 and P125 are great digital instruments, whether you’re a beginner or a professional pianist, or in between.
Unfortunately I currently play on a Yamaha P45 digital piano at home, and very quickly realised how limited this instrument is after comparing it to the grand piano at the music school. I feel like the first 10 minutes of each lessons is 'wasted' just on trying to adjust my brain to the new sound, dynamics, action and expression of a real piano.
Yamaha Quality, Affordable Price
I'm using the piano for my daughter to learn and for me to use with my band. I chose the Yamaha because it sounded so much better than the other pianos at the same price point. Love the quality, durability and price.
Coach K
3 months ago
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Number of Keys


Item Weight

33 Pounds

Item Dimensions LxWxH

52.25 x 11.5 x 6 inches