Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30


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Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30

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Great accessibility with side zipper
Lightweight and comfortable straps
Versatile for running, hiking, and commuting
Ability to carry exactly what is needed
Stiff backboard and straps make weight feel lighter
Not suitable for larger frames
May bounce when loaded
Limited attachment points for gear


The Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30 receives mixed reviews, with some users finding it comfortable and versatile for running, hiking, and commuting, while others find it too small or not suitable for their needs. The side zipper for easy access and the ability to carry exactly what is needed are praised features. However, some users with larger frames find the pack too small and prone to bouncing when loaded. The pack is also praised for its lightweight and comfortable straps, but some users would like to see more attachment points for gear. Overall, the Ultimate Direction Fastpack 30 is a solid choice for those looking for a lightweight and versatile pack, but it may not be suitable for everyone's needs.


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