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  • Great for beginners
  • Comes with a spring loaded converter and an ink cartridge
  • Pen is made of plastic, but it feels sturdy
  • Clip looks like Tesla's car


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Is there a budget friendly wet writing pen?
The TWSBI Swipe is under 30 but it’s a nice wet writer.
1 year ago
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TWSBI Swipe Fountain Pen Review
When you receive the SWIPE fountain pen, the spring-loaded, piston pump converter is already attached. Those who are already familiar with the TWSBI GO will feel comfortable with using this pump converter to quickly, and one-handedly, draw up ink.
For a more conventional bottle-filling method, TWSB...
4 months ago
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First Impressions: The TWSBI Swipe is a Steal — The Gentleman Stationer
Frankly, the TWSBI Swipe could be a game-changer in the sense that many oft-recommended pens at the sub-$30 price point are now arguably a less attractive proposition because you have to pay to purchase a converter separately.
Which of your Pens are you Content with?
The writing experience is just so fun with it. It flexes with basically no pressure so it's really easy to add a little bit of flair as you write. I don't reach for it when I need to scrawl down a couple of notes, it's a bit overkill for that, but it's perfect for when I need to think about what I'm writing. I got my TWSBI swipe off of r/penswap.
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TWSBI Swipe - Over-Engineered or Welcome Innovation? — The Pen Addict
The Swipe’s writing experience is what you would expect from a TWSBI Eco, given that they share the same size feed and nib. I didn’t have any issues with dryness as the converter’s large ink capacity made it behave like a regular piston pen.
4 months ago
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TWSBI Swipe Review
As expected, the Swipe writes well and was a joy to use. It’s a good in-between of the Go and Eco series and is a great pen that allows you to try out most ink refilling systems used by fountain pens. Like other TWSBI pens, the Swipe is easy to use and fuss-free
4 months ago
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TWSBI Swipe Review – From a Fan
Prestigious company as it may be, the Swipe is a far more interesting pen. If I had to find something for the ‘cons‘ column, I’d say that the clip is too tight, but I do like the slim look and feel. I don’t know if the TWSBI Swipe will have a strong enough impact to warrant several colorful releases for years to come like an ECO or a Lamy, but it’s a great pen in both form and function
4 months ago
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What pen brands would you, and wouldn't recommend to a beginner?
Kakuno and Metropolitan are excellent intro pens, and the TWSBI Swipe is the best beginner pen in my opinion. They can all be had for sub-$30 and come with reliable-to-exceptional nibs (to this day, the best stock medium nib I’ve ever felt was on a Pilot metro).
10 months ago
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TWSBI with converters and cartridges? Check out the TWSBI Swipe —
TWSBI, well-known for their fountain pens with piston-filling mechanism, have now joined the cartridge-converter game. The first in this product line will be called the TWSBI Swipe. This is an entry-level fountain pen that will forgo the traditional TWSBI design. You will be able to use your standar...
4 months ago
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Wonderful pen
I loved it so much that when it missing in a car accident, I bought another in green! I called and t was suggested I get the same type of nib since I loved the original so much. Fab pen, and comes with two different converters, no less!
Jan W.
3 months ago
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