Trek Dual Sport

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  • Great for mixed terrain trail riders
  • Widely considered a commuter bike
  • Terrain will tear lesser bikes apart
  • Spec level and choice of components are great
  • It can handle some off-road, some dirt road, and of course paved road


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Trek Dual Sport Review – Great at Nothing, Good at Everything
2022 Trek Dual Sport 3 Review ($979 USD)It’s rare for the best value bike to also be the top of the line bike, for any model.
2 months ago
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So I purchased a 2021 Trek Dual Sport 2 at a local bike shop size medium this past weekend. I received an email from trek welcoming me to the family and to enjoy my Trek Dual Sport 2 WSD. After checking the S/N it is intact the female version.
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Trek Dual Sport 2 Review - Everything You Need To Know Before Buying
Final Opinion On The Dual Sport 2 We bought the Trek Dual Sport 2 and you guessed it, we love the bike.
The Suzuki Jimny Is the Affordable Off-Roader America Needs
I think the problem is simple - the car is underpowered, with a wheelbase too short for high speed stability. Ok, so you can argue that this is an offroad vehicle, and not a highway cruiser, but unless you live next door to an offroad park, you gotta drive to the offroad trail right?.
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Roscoe 9 for the Win
Buy some pedals, bottle cage, and your favorite grips, that is all that you need. Spec level and choice of components are great especially for use here in Eastern Pennsylvania. The terrain will tear lesser bikes apart.
3 months ago
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Being honest with myself, I will mostly use this on paved paths and somewhat maintained trails. However, I don’t think I will be able to resist the urge to hop up on the occasional curb, etc. (think things that might tear up a road bike). I could possibly want to road race or bike more rugged trails in the future, but in either case I would probably just get another bike built for that.
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I would buy the bike again
Just got the bike a couple days ago and today (July/9/2022) I went to Culham Trails in Mississauga and had a blast.
Don't have nothing bad to say about it , just going to change the handlebar to a 40mm rise 800mm wide.
3 months ago
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One Bike That Can Actually Do It All? | 2022 Trek Dual Sport 2 Review
And up top Here we have ergonomic style rubber grips, so when your hand goes on, it's in a nice comfortable position and then you can operate the shifters with a thumb button and an index finger to go the other way so the controls are all sort of placed in one comfortable position. Our last thing to talk about is going to be the connection with the road and pun intended because it has Bontrager's connection rims. These connection rims
2 months ago
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Daily Cyclist Thread
Now, after seven months in the country, I decided to buy a bicycle. I have an apartment in Basel, a couple of km from my workplace, 15 minutes by tram, 30 on foot, it shouldn’t take more than 10 on a bicycle. So I picked up a Trek Dual Sport 3 a few days ago; with mud guards, lights, a bell, pannier rack, and some bags to sit on it, it came to just over CHF 1.1k.
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Los Angeles Commuter
My review may be a bit biased, as the Dual Sport 3 XL showed up available for purchase only a couple days before I got mine. A few months looking at bikes I hand not found a single 3 XL, which is the bike I knew would fit my needs after lots of research. I got lucky and nabbed one in Santa Monica. A...
4 months ago
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Alpha Gold Aluminium


SR Suntour NEX, 63 mm travel


Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc


Bontrager GR1 Comp, 700x40