Kona Sutra

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  • Great for touring
  • Comfortable riding position
  • Easy to change tire size


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Kona Sutra ULTD first ride
First real ride with my 2 weeks old KOna Sutra ULTD.
I loved it !!
Kona Sutra Gravel Bike Opinions
Hi i have the Kona Sutra and it really is an amazing bike. I used mine to cycle from the coast of Wales to London in mostly foresty trails, it did well though the rear derailer broke after a crash.
Bonjour, I’ve recently gotten back into cycling on a Kona Sutra I „upgraded“ with 30mm tires because I mostly ride tarmac or concrete bike paths with occasional hard packed dirt or light gravel. I’ve been having a hell of a time trying gloves in a LBS or ordering online and easily tried 20 pairs so far. Mostly 7.5 feels just a tad too small and will start hurting and 8 has too much material to feel comfortable. Also riding with gel pads feels weird at times and I don’t like gloves with a Velcro closure.
\-formula hubs. \-2021 Kona Sutra LTD. Everything has been find up until 2 weeks ago when my rear seized whenever trying to pedal it. It would still roll/freewheel. I took the wheel off and eventually discovered that my cassette had backed off of the freewheel hub.
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NBD ! Ribble CGR Al Enthusiast - Shimano 105 Disc - I'm in love ♥️
I have a Kona Sutra, which is a more traditional ‘heavy duty’ tourer, and after 170km of mostly tarmac, some gravel on a trip recently, the rear mech detached on the Ribble. If you’re planning on using this bike for touring, keep an eye on the two screws that hold the mech in. It holds the rear derailleur and axel in place.
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Best All Purpose Bike??
* Another friend picked a **Kona Sutra** when she was looking for road and gravel bike for touring. Note LTD and ULTD have different geometry. * **Surly Bridge Club** is also worth looking at, though the Surly's I find have a longer top tube and more suited to male body shape.
Perfect bike for riding a hilly city and bike packing
I ride a Kona Sutra and it's been a BLAST to ride - it is a bit heavy but I barely notice. I was riding a 1990 Sirrus that is extremely light but I felt like I was sluggish up the hills, I don't feel like that on the Kona at all.
A bike for bikepacking!
I just bought a Kona Sutra this year and can personally testify that it‘s an awesome bike. If budget or stock is an issue maybe look into finding and rehabbing an older mtb, r/xbiking has plenty of examples.
Kona Sutra Bikepacking Touring Bike - LONG TERM REVIEW!
Okay, alright so overall I Highly recommend this bike. If you're looking at getting a bicycle touring rig, this is a great one to consider.
Rad Bike Adventure
2 months ago
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While I don't necessarily want to limit my search to touring bikes, I am definitely looking at the usual suspects at this point. In order: Kona Sutra, Salsa Marrakesh, and Surly Disc Trucker (700cc). Also, the Fuji Touring seems pretty great and has the advantage of being at a lower price point. In terms of budget, I'm still working it out.
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