Trek 520

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  • Great for long distance riding
  • 520 is a classic steel touring bike
  • Bontrager saddle, Brooks saddle, leather tape, 5 Ortleib bags
  • USA made XT LX Bar End 27 sp
  • Test rides should be completed at least 60 minutes before closing


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trek 520 Archives - CyclingAbout
The Trek 520 is the longest running model in Trek’s history. It’s hard to believe that this USA-based...
Trek have recently been busy building one of the most comprehensive adventure and touring bike line ups around. There...
3 months ago
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My thoughts are:. **Trek 520**.
2 years ago
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Need helping finding the right style of bike
I ride a Trek 520 for essentially that use case, and I've been really liking it. In general, I think a steel touring bike would do what you're looking for. I hear good things about Surly and Kona as well but haven't ridden them.
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On my way to school everyday, I see a trek 520. And I really have fallen in love a little with it. Things I like about it: The geometry seems very comfortable, drop bars, it is a no-nonsense bike, steel is cool , I like disk breakes/shimano drivetrain, it is street legal, it seems like it would last a long time, the rack in the back.
9 months ago
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Miles' Flat Bar Trek 520: Little Red Corvette
I would have preferred thru-axles, the rear brake caliper lacks adjustment due to its position, and the fork is aluminum, not steel.
3 months ago
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What to look for when buying older bikes?
Older touring bikes give you the option of bigger tires and are akin to modern gravel geometries. Some of the best to look out for are the Trek 520 and Miyata One Thousand or Six Ten. Look for frames made of Cro-Moly as opposed to "Hi-Tensile" steel. I like cantilever brakes, (from touring bikes), because they can be updated with modern versions or mini Vs.
1 year ago
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NBD, Poseidon Redwood
after a 90s rigid mountain bike that was too big, a KHS fat bike that was too big and a 1988 trek 520 that was only slightly too big, I've gotten this redwood in a x-s and it fits like a glove! I'm 5'7 with a 28" inseam and super short t-rex arms, but with super broad shoulders and long torso so it's amazing to finally have a bike that fits.
Trek 520 Disc first ride review
I had no issues with the saddle, from Bontrager, of course..
3 months ago
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n=1, n+0 bike for gravel, 'cross, and cross-training for a runner-turned-cyclist-turned-runner
Something like a Trek 520 or better. Just ten years ago, these *were* your gravel bikes. Also used frequently as fondo & beginner cyclocross bikes, especially in the US!. You can buy a complete bike for a reasonable price, and then they're super easy to upgrade as you go, especially since you have a shop and mechanic in the family.
10 months ago
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Tried expensive bikes. Can’t tell the difference
Shimano 4 pot brakes are pretty hard to beat and the mt520 are great brakes, I would be hard-pressed to find any noticable or impactful difference between the 520 and my SLX 4 piston (I have the 520 on my hardtail). In the end though, some brands just can charge more and people pay for it so why not.
1 year ago
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KMC X10, 10 speed


TRP Spyre C 2.0 mechanical disc, 160mm rotor

Seat Post

Bontrager alloy, 27.2mm, 12mm offset