Tortuga Setout

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  • Great for short trips
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Good size for traveling with family or friends
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortable


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Tortuga Setout Divide Backpack Review | Pack Hacker
On the Setout there have been some very minor aesthetic blemishes, but other than that we haven’t had any major issues with it. As far as usage goes, this thing has really been a breeze—it’s comfortable, easy to operate, and all the features (outside of that hip belt) work very well. We love how versatile this pack is, and the water bottle pocket continues to impress as well!
5 months ago
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Best Travel Backpack
I was torn between this and the Osprey Farpoint 40L. After trying both of them out, the Tortuga won. Though the Osprey had a better harness/waist strap system, but for the size of bag, the Tortuga's removable waist straps works just fine. Most times I don't even use the waist straps unless I know I ...
2 years ago
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I have a 35L Tortuga Setout and have used it only once, for 3-week trip to Europe back in October. It fit in the overhead cabins (and I was even able to smush it under the seat once), I enjoyed not having to carry a bag up and down stairs, and liked having my hands free in the airport and stuff.
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< 35L Backpack suggestions?
* Tortuga Setout 35L - Second choice, it seems to be a decent option but it's more squared off than I'd like and the front organization seems to cause the pack to turtle out pretty fast. Seems they made the front compartment pretty thin to give more space to the central cavity. The Outbreaker is another option, but seems even more squared off and rollerbag on your back looking.
2 years ago
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Long-term laptop travel backpack recs? Considering Cotopaxi, Topo, Tortuga & Peak Design.
* **Tortuga Setout 45 (F)**: Love the comfortable carry and female frame, worried about floppiness and whether it's too big. * **Peak Design 35-45**: Love the smart design and compression/expansion, worried about the weight and comfort to carry. Any thoughts on these bags?
1 year ago
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It was absolutely unbearable on my back with the laptop, much better without. Couldn't see myself lugging this thing around with the MBP in it (which I don't normally travel with), but imagine it would be much better with a 13"MBP/Air or ultrabook like an XPS. \- The accessory straps were a hassle to take off the bag, especially the lower one on where it attaches to the back of the bag by the hip belt.
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EDC/Onebag Recommendation
Right now the best bag I've been able to find that fits this description is the Tortuga Setout Divide. I also appreciate that they make a women's fit for this! I recently tried an osprey that was supposed to be unisex and it didn't fit well on me. For reference, I'm 5'7 but my torso is on the shorter side for my height and I have more narrow shoulders.
2 years ago
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Nice Bag
Originally, I bought this pack for short 3-4 trips abroad. Due to Covid I have not used it in this capacity only short car trips to Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Overall, I found this pack too be a great 2-3 pack. All of what you would need can be carried, though it seems to work better with packin...
Jason B. Rice
2 years ago
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Can a 35L travel backpack hold a week's worth of clothes?
I do not like the look of the Tortuga setout or outbreaker because of how they dont keep their shape when empty and it just looks like a big rectangular box on my back. Anyways- If i use compression packing cubes in a 35L backpack like the Aer Capsule, will I be able to hold a weeks worth of clothing?.
1 year ago
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* Some padding on the straps for comfort. * Some structure to the back - I usually carry an HP work laptop with me, so would prefer not to have this digging into my bag (which tends to be the case with a lot of the ultra-thin stuff-bag type packable daybags). * A professional look, ideally no bright colours or crinkly black plastic (the Tortuga Setout Packable Daybag would be a good example of the latter).
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Item Package Dimensions L x W x H

22 x 15.8 x 4 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

22 x 14 x 9 inches

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