Tom Bihn synapse 19

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  • Great for everyday carry
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Tom Bihn Synapse 19 Review — RMK Outdoors
Like I have said before it is rare to find a company like Tom Bihn in today’s day and age. The search for my new daypack led me to the Synapse backpack line. This pack comes in a 25L version and a smaller 19L version invarious colors
5 months ago
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It is not easily accessible, and I have to carry my water in the same pocket because my bottle is too big for the bottle pocket. On the PLC, I can easily put the bottle in the dump pocket if necessary, creating a barrier between the water and the laptop. Second, under weight, the edgeless straps on the s19 are not for me. They are sewn too closely together, are too slippery, and cut into my shoulders after an hour or so.
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Besides the style the Tom Bihn 19 and CHZ22 are good for EDC but I think the S25 & CHZ26 (new pre order) will be better and more versatile. Possible family/dad bag in the future.
Backpack Features: Love 'em or Leave 'em?
I prefer internal water bottle pockets -- I use a Tom Bihn Synapse 19 for my EDC & I really like how the water bottle pocket is separate but integrated into the bag & accessible with its own zipper. (Also, I like that it fits both my water bottle & my umbrella, two things that are important to segregate from the rest of my stuff but that I want handy. ).
2 years ago
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In Search of the Perfect Gear Bag: Tom Bihn to the Rescue - Law Technology Today
Tom Bihn carries not only backpacks, but also messenger bags, briefcases, and travel bags. My Synapse 19 meets all of my selection criteria, and more. Visit the Tom Bihn website, and it is clear that this company is serious about bag production
Six yrs onebagging with a 38L then 33L and now a 26L
I love the one-bag evolve too. Went from osprey porter 30 to a Tom Bihn synapse 25, and now a tentree mobius in compressed mode most of the time (16liters). I chose the tentree so I could expand on those trips where I want to bring camping gear.
Tom Bihn or....?
I have a TB synapse 19 and it's so well made! All the pockets make more sense than any other bag I've had. Can't speak to this particular model, but in terms of the brand quality I can't recommend TB enough.
2 years ago
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Help with bag choice
I haven't owned any of the bags you listed, but I would go with the Tom Bihn Synapse 19!
8 months ago
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Review: Tom Bihn Synapse 19 backpack for computer and photo gear - Macfilos
Anyone who loves bags, as I do, will be delighted with this backpack. The Synapse 19 costs $170, or around £100 before tax, and details of the Cache laptop sleeve and all the other accessories can be found on Tom’s website here. It comes in a black or blue outer shell with a choice of coloured linings
5 months ago
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Need suggestion on 100-200$ daily backpack that also qualifies as personal item for airlines
Tom Bihn Synapse 19. I’m such a shill, but the bag is amazing.
They wear like cast iron, so buying a used one is a good way to save a buck.
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