Surly Midnight Special

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  • Great for gravel riding
  • Clearance for 700x35 and internal cable routing are a must
  • There's certainly been night special
  • Bike is a steel frame and fork


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Mid South 2022: Austin Reviews His Surly Midnight Special – Jared Harber
Most of us who attended Mid South this year are still coming down from the high from this year’s event. I know I am, and I didn’t participate in the run or ride. I came to town to help District manage the flow of builds and repairs for the weekend. For those who heard, I am the guy who lost the tip ...
2 months ago
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Need helping finding the right style of bike
Midnight Special certainly has the versatility too and is one of the more aggressive options (though it's not really aggressive, just compared to those other bikes) if you end up worrying about those 50 mile rides. I have an an All City Zig Zag, not a great commuter because it doesn't take any racks, but one thing to note is that it's got more road/endurance geometry but also a longer wheelbase which makes towing a trailer easier...
My midnight special
Wow that’s so hot. My fav tires and exactly what I hope to eventually run on my own bike. Big fan of the Midnight Special but have never seen one in person. All around wicked setup though. Looks like a lot of fun.
Trek Domane or Surly Midnight Special?
Midnight Special for sure. This bike is the best.
Updated my gravel whip aesthetics!
Took my Surly Midnight Special from its stock white to Teal with Sparkles ✨.
Used Spray.Bike and found that the whole process was way more approachable than I originally thought. Lightly sanded most of the bike and sanded off all decals.
Trek Domane or Surly Midnight Special?
On the other hand, the hefty steel of Surly (which is the reason they are kinda heavy) seems quite sturdy and maybe is a bit on the other extreme of the spectrum :). * By having it built "to order", and taking into account the low price of the frame (800 EUR) I could have way better specs (wheels, saddle, groupset) on my MS then I would have had on a similarly priced Trek Domane SL 6. This will probably not be the case when you are looking at the (in my opinion rather poor value) 'stock' midnight special. * On the stock midnight special I tested, the brakes and saddle were incredibly shitty.
Olympic adventure route
Hello fellow Midnight Special owner!! Lovely ride—both the scenery and the bike!
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Surly Midnight Special in review – Your best friend from the past
This is the scenario: You’ve known each other for ages but then you lost touch... and then you meet again and everything is exactly like it used to be. The Surly Midnight Special is a timeless steel bike with modern features and a certain something you’re really fond of – just like your best mate fr...
Gravelbike for commuting?
I tested a surly midnight special for similar purposes, and was stunned. The thing is quite heavy (not important if not hilly), rides fast and nimble, but has fat tires that (together with the steel frame) suck up everything. Cobblestones which have the assumed purpose of slowing down bicycles (in Antwerp) felt like hardpacked gravel feels on my road bike (i.e.
It got the job done on the pavement as well as some dirt trails, mud, etc. I've never even ridden a drop-bar bike, *or* just a road bike in general. I'm kind of used to a sluggish yet steady ride. From what I can gather, the Midnight Special seems to ride like a road bike (for the most part), yet it has the capability of going off pavement or curbs confidently too.
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12mm Thru x 142mm

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