Kona Rove

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  • Great for all-road adventures
  • Steel frame with steel or carbon forks
  • 1x and 2x drivetrain options available
  • 700 x 40mm or 650b x 47mm maximum tire clearance
  • Affordable


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The 2022 Kona Rove Steel is Here
Kona just announced part of its 2022 Kona Rove lineup that includes 1x and 2x drivetrain options, and multiple price points with steel frames and steel or carbon forks. Find details on the new steel Rove LTD, Rove DL, and Rove here...
Although the Rove is Kona’s most affordable drop bar gravel bik...
2 months ago
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So it begins
Kona Rove took me my 20km to work a lot if times! Wish you the same fun and safe rides that I had!
Soooo. My LBS Just Got Converted To All Trek (Formerly Mostly Specialized). Am I Brand Loyal Or People Loyal 🤔. Diverge vs Checkpoint ( S Works vs Checkpoint SLR 9). Discuss
I’ve really enjoyed my Kona Rove NRB DL that I was lucky enough to purchase online. The smaller and more niche brands have some really cool gravel bike offerings right now.
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After discount, it'd be like £880. Sounds like a good deal to me, but if I don't need a 105 then it is still money I could've saved. Another option is to go for a Claris bike such as a Kona Rove (I believe? ), which with the discount would probably be just over 500 quid.
My first new bike in 15 years arrived yesterday: the beautiful Kona Sutra Touring bike! Wow!
Nice bike! I almost bought one, but couldn't get behind the bar end shifters. Got a Kona Rove instead. My second Kona, loved them both!
Has anyone here tried commuting on a gravel bike? If so, how did it go?
I ride a Kona Rove. It's great as I commute all 4 seasons, I've taken it over everything but ice so far and it s awesome.
Kona Rove has been seeing a lot more pavement than gravel as of late...
Just bought a kona rove it arrived today and coming from me ,who does mainly mountain biking on a full suspension, i love it.
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2022 Trek Checkpoints have finally landed
Paid $1599 Canadian for my Kona Rove Sora 2x9 in January. Next years model will be $1899 Canadian. For some reason the Canadian price on the ALR 4 is $2250, which converts out to quite a bit less than the equivalent in GBP, but I think in Europe they include tax. Price after tax for me would be about $2540.
For more context: I also have a Kona Rove but the less upright position due to the extended reach doesn't work for me. My neck hurts after 30 kms when I try touring with it. I'm seeing a doctor for that and will go get a bike fit, but in the meantime a more relaxed bike would be great for the summer!.
Kona Rove has been seeing a lot more pavement than gravel as of late...
Bike is a 2019 Kona Rove, with a number of components switched out over the years as the bike has been spending more and more time on paved surfaces. Biggest switch was the OEM WTB i23 hoops (650b) to these Hunt Aero Light Disc wheels (700c). Trying out the ENVE SES tires (in 31, about all the width that I want on the 17mm internal rims).
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