Sony XR-77A80J

Sony XR-77A80J

Based on 109 reviews

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Great picture quality
Good sound quality
Strong competitor to LG's OLED TVs
Good value for its price
Not backlit remote
Some users have reported software glitches and slow apps
Motion handling can cause stuttering in slow-panning shots


The Sony XR-77A80J is a highly recommended TV with a stunning picture quality and great sound. It is a strong competitor to LG's OLED TVs and offers a good value for its price. However, some users have reported software glitches and slow apps, and the lack of a backlit remote is a common complaint. The TV's motion handling can also cause stuttering in slow-panning shots, but there are features to reduce this issue. Overall, the Sony XR-77A80J is a great choice for those looking for a high-quality TV with OLED technology.


Screen Size

77 Inches



Supported Internet Services

Google TV




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