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Extremely satisfied
Updated review (10/13/2020) Mounting was a breeze. Took about 10 minutes to screw the mount into the back of the TV. Most of that time was ensuring that I attached to the desired holes on the mount, as the mount supported attaching the TV at multiple locations. It does take 2 people to mount. I don'...
2 years ago
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Minimalism as a gamer
I don't own a ton of space and hate clutter but I own a LG CX OLED tv as gaming is really my only hobby alongside watching anime and it provides an amazing experience with both. Like with any hobby get the experience you want out of it, if that includes a nice display to play it on that's fine.
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Home Theatre/Gaming Room/Man Cave Set Up
There is never a reason to get a Samsung, you are always paying a giant premium for name on it these days. Opt for a 65/77 inch CX LG OLED depending on your budget. Try to find a Best Buy Open Box deal in store to save a boatload.
Works fine. Got a new LG CX OLED TV.
Why does HDR suck so hard on PC?
I'm using oled Lg Cx replacing my top of the line Lg ultrawide ips 144hz moniter for the past 6 months and let me tell you that i have zero regrets. I'm on HDR 24/7 even in windows and I'm not going back to SDR.
Great TV - Surround Sound Problem Resolved
For $1800, you would expect a TV to have a great picture. This one does. It's worth the price. I am very pleased with the television overall, but have found what I believe is a bug in the software. LG customer service is working on it. However, they have referred the problem to the technical people ...
Michael A. Mccollum
2 years ago
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I ordered the LG CX OLED online and waiting for it get back in stock. However, I am thinking if should cancel the order and buy a X900H instead.
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Setup was a breeze
I just got this yesterday. So this review, at this point, is all about first impressions. I'll try to write more later. I don't have to tell people that the display is awesome. That's why you are spending the money for it. What about the sound from the internal speakers? How about the remote? Are th...
Jeff Mahoney
2 years ago
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I got an LG Oled CX last month and I know the risks with burn-in with OLEDs so I have been very careful with it. Yesterday I noticed a grey box that took up about a fifth of the screen and was not going away and it was very noticeable. So I used the pixel refresher and it went away. Later I learned that the pixel refresher decreases the TV's lifespan and it's not recommended to use regularly.
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Is one piece of paper too much to ask?
Yes, this is an amazing visual product and well worth what I payed. You don't need me to tell you how good it is, there are already plenty of reviews explaining the value of the LG OLED55CXPUA. I would rather address one of the issues found in other reviews, the missing parts. The TV is well package...
2 years ago
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Power Consumption Operational

90 Watt

Energy Consumption per Year

167 kWh

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