Sony Alpha ZV-E10

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Very Disappointing - Returned
Summary: Pros: image quality better than a laptop cam or phone cam. Cons: you can’t adjust any of the settings from the computer companion app when in usb streaming mode to use this as a webcam. The phone app cannot connect to the camera when in usb streaming mode. The battery drains when in usb str...
1 year ago
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Best cameras for vlogging in 2021
The Sony ZV-E10 is essentially a vlogging-friendly version of the company's a6100 mirrorless camera, gaining a fully articulated rear screen, revised controls and high-quality built-in mic to make it better suited for facing-the-camera video.
The already very effective autofocus system (which depend...
Digital Photography Review
1 year ago
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Would like to buy 2 cams. The ZV-E10 is cheaper and looks like a better bet to me because of the eye focus feature, the USB C power option, and less $. I've heard it has no recording limit and there's a work around for breaking up large files - if you use an SD card over 64GB it won't break up the files. May add a Sony 50mm 1.8 lens to either cam as well.
Is it worth it to replace f/4 lens with f/2.8 lens?
If you’re focus is video, the $699 ZV-E10 would be a great upgrade with the 18-105 F4. For video, the ZV-E10 adds 4K video, gyro stabilization, 1080P at 120fps, eye tracking autofocus in video (not on a6400), log picture profiles, touchscreen touch tracking, autofocus speed adjustment levels, a microphone jack and headphone jack (neither on the a6000).
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Warning: will likely lead to expensive lens purchases
And while a good lens can ultimately be burdened by the sensor it is projecting light onto, it both holds value over time and can be used with newer cameras in the future. For a vlogger looking to take the next step in image quality and creative control over what a phone can provide, the ZV-E10 is easy to use and beginner-friendly while providing easy ways to step up your game. Its low light capabilities could be better, but its $800 price tag makes it a great camera to learn from without taking the full leap into more expensive, harder-to-use systems
Becca Farsace
4 months ago
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Defective Lens-No Return
I received the product with a defective lens. The lens would not open. After several times of trying, it opens but it would not Zoom In or Zoom Out. I have followed every instruction there is to make it work but nothing worked. I got the product on September 8th. I have been trying to return the cam...
1 year ago
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Looking at the reviews people say the ZV-E10 is about the same as the A6400(minus the viewfinder) and cheaper. I am a beginner who’s looking to get into content creation/filmmaking/Astrophotography. My camera budget is about $1100.
Sony ZV-E10 Review
Sony's ZV-E10 camera appeals to vloggers with a quality mic and support for swappable lenses, but is held back by a weak battery and a so-so touch interface. Sign up for Lab Report to get the latest reviews and top product advice delivered right to your inbox. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links
Jim Fisher
4 months ago
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Sony announces the ZV-E10, an Alpha series APS-C mirrorless camera aimed at vloggers | Review by DPReview
Rolling shutter was some of the worst I've seen in recent memory, and the slo-mo (which of course is still stuck at 1080p) was mush. Sony needs to rethink this strategy of intentionally nerfing bodies, or parts-bin-specials and get back to innovating. Canon/Nikon/Panasonic are all here now and are all doing much better in that regard. Garbage like the ZV-E10 should get someone fired.
Good camera, but overheats
Overall it’s a good affordable camera. I bought it for live streaming. It overheats and turns off in about 20 minutes in 75f room. A little USB fan must be used to cool it down during live stream to avoid overheating. There are a few things you need to know before purchasing. I wish I knew: 1. It ca...
Tools. Electro. DIY
1 year ago
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