Sony Alpha a6600

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  • Great for stills
  • Unmatched JPEG and Raw image quality
  • In-body image stabilization
  • First APS-C E-mount camera to feature audio in and out connectors
  • Unlimited video recording


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Best mirrorless crop sensor camera on the market.
This is a fantastic camera. Affordable enough for amateurs and hobbyists, but with high end features and specs worthy of a professional user. Great step-up camera, and perfect springboard into more manual photography for those interested in learning.
2 years ago
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Great battery and IBIS, but comes up short elsewhere
The pros make for a great shooter, but at this price range there are other cameras with fewer of the cons listed below that make for better video cameras (like Panasonic's Lumix). I, for one, would not miss the EVF and would appreciate a larger LCD screen overall and flash. Currently using with 20mm...
3 years ago
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Best cameras for portraits in 2021
The Sony a6600 incorporates some of our favorite aspects of the a7R IV into a smaller, more affordable body: including superb autofocus tracking, great image quality and industry-leading battery life. There are also some good prime lens options for the a6600 that won't break the bank, including Sigm...
Digital Photography Review
2 years ago
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A7C gets rid of the recording limit and I can re-use all my existing lenses/accessories. I don't love the ergonomics of the A7C body, but this solution wins on utility. **4) Sell JUST the M50 and get an A6600 for hiking and long form video**. This has some utilitarian benefits as both bodies share the same batteries and I can use my FF lenses on the A6600.
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Nearly perfect for me.
I LOVE this camera for stills. I was looking at the a7r4, a9 and this. I wanted the a9 auto focus is a tiny camera and that’s basically what this is. I was fine with giving up full frame for the extra reach due to the crop conversion and the decrease in overall weight. With this camera I bought the ...
David Mathis
3 years ago
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Sony a6600 Review
It's a shame we couldn't cite a newer sensor, or improved handling as major factors too. Despite not having as many improvements as we'd like, the a6600 is still an excellent overall performer. It offers class-leading autofocus, very strong imaging and video capabalities, and solid battery life
Jim Fisher
4 months ago
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Thinking of buying the Sony a7Riv for strictly family vacation photos and family portraits (don't care about video)... which lens do you guys think is the best if there is only space to bring one?
Why would you want that camera if it’s only for family photos? I mean it’s a great camera, but the best camera is the one you’ve got with you. The a7Riv is big and heavy, why not get a great aps-c camera like the a6600 which would be way more convenient to bring with you?.
Goodbye Canon & Nikon
You don't have to pay thousands of dollars on heavy DSLR cameras & lenses anymore, cause this camera is so sweet and there are so many new features, I guess this tiny thing would be your best friend whether you are vlogger, professional videographer or just want to capture some sweet moments of your...
Asha R.
3 years ago
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Need advice on which DSLR I should buy.
I don’t think so. Before getting the Z50 I tried the Sony A7iii and the A6600.
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Budget travel camera
The 16-50mm kit lens is good not great, but overall really happy with the camera for $1000. I bought a Sony 50mm 1.8 that I primarily use, but have other lenses lined up that I'd like to purchase as well. If you can stretch your budget just a bit, you can get an a6600 for $200 off at $1200 right now.


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