Sonos AMP

Sonos AMP

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Great design that blends form with function
Ability to power a variety of speakers, including outdoor-rated ones
Easy integration with a TV through HDMI ARC input
Not suitable for those who need to connect more than 2 speakers
Highs may be too bright for some users
Price point may not be suitable for everyone


Overall, the Sonos AMP receives mixed reviews. Many users appreciate its sleek design and ability to power a variety of speakers, including outdoor-rated ones. The HDMI ARC input also allows for easy integration with a TV. However, some users find the highs to be too bright and the Loudness setup to be muddy. Additionally, the price point may not be suitable for everyone, as it only powers a single zone or room. Some users also experienced difficulty connecting to their Wi-Fi network. Despite these mixed reviews, the Sonos AMP remains a popular choice for those looking for a two-channel amp.


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Speaker Maximum Output Power

125 Watts

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