Yamaha A-S501

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  • Great for rock, jazz, classical and classic rock
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Plenty of power
  • Warmth and punch
  • Made in Japan


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Opinions on Yamaha A-S501 Integrated Amp?
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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Johnny Wong, Jan 6, 2015.
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I’ve finally arrived. Ladies and Gentlemen, my first big boy speakers.
Speakers: Martin Logan Sequel II’s Amp: Yamaha A-S501 Source(s): BlueSound Node 2i, Marantz SACD player, Pioneer PL-930 w/ Ortofon 2M Red. I still don’t quite have the speaker placement dialed in and I think I’m going to end up redecorating that room. But, man alive do I love these things!. The sound is incredibly detailed yet not clinical.
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My only regret is not purchasing it sooner
First off let just make clear this amp rocks. I love the crystal clear sound it produces and it has punch, not boomy. Although I wouldn't put it up there with vintage 70's Yamaha amps, it does have some warmth and plenty of power. Easy to set up, very attractive looking. I have Klipsch rf-82II speak...
Christopher Lee
5 years ago
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Yamaha A-S501 Best Review In 2022 | Zero To Drum
Verdict. The only downside of the Yamaha AS501 is that it lacks the composure and excitement of the best. Nevertheless, it is an amp that will give the best performance
4 months ago
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New Setup: Jamo, Yamaha, and Denon
Finally pulled the trigger on some products. Yamaha A-S501 (Scratch and Dent Open Box) - $300.
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A diamond in the rough!
I had given this unit a bad review, just three stars. The Pure Direct was unlistenable, very harsh. But another whole day of intense and varied music, (rock, jazz, classical, classic rock and hip-hop) and the A-S501 has burned in beautifully. I've never had a unit go from so bad to sooo very good. S...
Stereo nut
3 years ago
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PSA: this week it's the JBL Studio 580s turn to be on sale. $600 for the pair.
Insane deal... I got these $749 for the pair after all said and done. These at $300 each are nuts. They are very very good to my ears. I have them paired with the A-S501 and their sub, the 550p. I use them with my LG CX and am very happy!
This will last a long time , but if I have 2 yes
I have always bought Yamaha stereo equipment in the past. It works like the sun all the time ! So now I want 2 play & listen 2 music the way I did in yesterday's. Blast from the past. Still have my stash of LP's , so the A- S501BL is the first part of the foundation. Then Yamaha turn table , CD play...
4 years ago
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Expensive amp or Expensive speakers?
The 501 is a lovely amp, clean and capable, and well built. I second the speaker route, and suggest you try the Wharfedale Lintons (including the special stands).
Real good
I wasn't sure about this amp at first. I saw a video that Yamaha published on YouTube that shows a German and a Japanese technician working on perfecting the A-S1100 for the European market. Apparently, they locked themselves into what appears to be a hotel room and they worked for days on fixing sm...
5 years ago
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