Sofirn SP35

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  • Great for everyday carry
  • Powerful and bright
  • Small enough to fit in pocket
  • Durable construction
  • USB-C magnetic connection


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Top reviews

Good light / NOT EDC worthy
I use a flashlight everyday at work and had a Coast that was failing. Thought I would search Amazon for a replacement. This Sofirn SP35 had the features I was looking for. In purchasing, I wanted to wait until I had real use before presenting a review. This light has been in use for 1 month and 15 d...
J. L.
1 year ago
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Great EDC flashlight
A couple things when you're looking for a flashlight: - Look for a 21700 battery, they're higher voltage, higher wattage, thus- more output. The 18650 batteries are the standard rechargeable, but they just don't put out the juice. - Look for USB-C, the physical connection holds up better than mini o...
Anderson House
1 year ago
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Sofirn SP35 review - Pros and Cons (2022)
2021 Luminus SST40 LED 2000 lm output 27520 cd intensity 1 x 21700 Li-Ion battery
The Sofirn SP35 (SP35) released in 2021. It uses Luminus SST40 LED, SMO reflector and 1 x 21700 Li-Ion battery. The powerful emitter in this flashlight provides up to 2000 lm output, 27520 cd intensity, and a beam di...
4 months ago
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Looking to upgrade. Recommend your "if you only had one" light.
If I personally could only have one light, it would be a D4V2 with dual channels.
If I’m recommending a light to a person that will only buy that one light, a Sofirn SP35.
My favorite EDC Flashlight
I think this flashlight is just the right combination of size, weight, and brightness. It feels good in the hand. Fits easily in the pocket. It goes from 1 lumen to 2000 lumens, so from dim enough to get around without bothering anyone sleeping to light up the backyard to see what the noise was. It ...
R. Shepard
1 year ago
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The best camping flashlight 2021: Sofirn SP35 5000k
The sovereign sp 35 has been released for a little bit now, but they finally came out with a neutral white 5000k variation, so i had to grab one to test it out. In my recent camping trip, it's got onboard usbc charging, a very good press, fit deep. Carry clip a 2000 lumen sst40 led that throws 335 meters on turbo and a 5000 milliamp 21700 battery
Outdoor Matters
4 months ago
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Unbeatable for the price
What's not to love? This rivals $100+ professional flashlights but for the same price as many cheap knockoff lights. There are so many excellent features you just don't find in any cheap flashlight you get off eBay or buy at a local store. -It has great use of space to make it smaller than many 1865...
1 year ago
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My sister is a firefighter and an avid outdoors woman, what is the brightest/best flashlight under 100$ that I could get as a gift for her?
It comes with a battery and simple, easy-to-use charger included for $30. * The **Sofirn SP35** is another regulated budget option. It's bigger than the SP31 V2, but has a bigger battery too, and is also a step up in brightness and range, pretty close to the PD35 V3. It charges via a USB-C port on the light.
Sofirn FTW!
I am a flashlight junkie.. my wife can tell you that (and she definitely will). I mostly love(d) Fenix and Olight torches, but lately the way they access the bright settings, and the run time in those brighter modes don't compare to their torches of yesterday. Example, 2 of my favorite lights from F...
Tom C
1 year ago
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Sofirn SP35 2000 Lumen flashlight Solid performance and a budget friendly price !
Of course, is your port for recharging it, the sp35 uh wow. I think it's very, very uh budget-friendly, that's for sure, and the other sofa and flashlights i have are really nice. They'Ve been very reliable and just reading around online there's a lot of people that do follow so fern and buy their products and like them so uh
4 months ago
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Package Dimensions

6.57 x 6.42 x 2.48 inches



Power Source

Battery Powered