Sofirn SC21

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  • Great for EDC
  • Easy to operate
  • Good beam quality
  • Ramping feature
  • No extra USB cover included


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SC21 Has Excellent Regulation, Efficiency & Nice Neutral Tint
Several things impressed me with the SC21.............regulation, efficiency, and the neutral tint of the light beam. No rings or artifacts within the beam profile. I am rather fond of 16340/CR123A battery powered lights. I just like how small they are plus the fact that in a long term emergency, yo...
Outdoor Enthusiast
1 year ago
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Fabulous little EDC light.
Basically because of the size this has become my favorite Sofirn light ---and I own quite a few! If nobody has explained here yet, it's easy to operate. Press the switch to turn it on, then press and hold to advance through low, medium & high. If the battery is of a good voltage, the green indicator...
1 year ago
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Sofirn SC21 review
quipment I’m using Sofirn’s product page Runtimes & performance Zoom on the first 10 minutes For the size, the SC21 performs pretty good, the output of medium and low is constant and with decent runtimes for EDC tasks, turbo is when the weird ATR from Sofirn kicks in. The light doesn’t get too hot, but the lack of LVP on most modes is a bummer, for me it worked only on Turbo.
4 months ago
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All the features you need for a EDC Flashlight
Let me first say that anyone who has trouble operating this flashlight, has other issues as well. The flashlight is very easy to memorize the codes to operate. On and off is just clicking the button once. Changing the brightness is just holding the power button for a second while the flashlight is o...
1 year ago
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NLD: Sofirn Q8 Pro
After taking my 5 year old kayak camping, I was looking for a light with good sustained output, thus settled on this. USB C charging is great, UI is easy enough to get the hang of.
Nice Mini Torch with a Few Improvements Needed
Overall I'm enjoying this light, and its small size and light weight make it very easy to carry. Strong points: impressive output, with good combination of spot and flood; nice beam quality; ramping feature; easy-to-locate e-switch; build quality. Needs improvement: runtime seems pretty short (altho...
Andrew F.
1 year ago
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Always wanted Sofirn to make an Olight Baton competitor, and they finally did!
This light is very similar in form factor to Olight's Baton series. I love my Baton but after picking up a few Sofirn lights I was really hoping they'd release a new model with a similar size. This hits the spot perfectly!
1 year ago
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I was just handed this at work, said each room needs a flashlight if it doesn’t have a window.
*Worse than useless*, perhaps, as it gives a false sense of security that might be enough to convince people not to find a good solution. Alternatively, suggest something that can be left on a charging cradle or plugged in, so it's always fully charged when needed. Something like the Wurkkos FC11 or Sofirn SC21, for example.
Just what I was looking for! This light ticks all the boxes for a small, well thought-out EDC light
The SC21 is for me, the light that fits wonderfully in my EDC collection of tools. Small size? Yup! It's much more pocketable than an 18650 or even a shortened 18350 light, but it's not much bulkier than a AA flashlight. At 1000 lumens at Turbo, it's plenty bright to see what you need to see, but wo...
Patrick Wilson
1 year ago
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Way better than expected! EDC convert!
I was not a EDC guy before purchasing this flashlight. I never saw the need to carry a light; other than my cellphone flashlight. I bought this flashlight thinking the most attractive feature would be the rechargeable battery. The battery does last a long time for my specific use case. I have yet to...
Garret I.
7 months ago
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Product Dimensions

2 x 2 x 7 cm; 125 Grams



Power Source

Battery Powered


3.7 Volts