Sofirn Q8 Pro

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  • Great for a flashlight
  • Battery lasts forever
  • Useful throw and spread
  • Lights up any room
  • Gets warm on turbo but never hot


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Damn bright!
A very bright "soda can" light. Not a long reach thrower for long range, but very bright out to a few hundred yards or so. Uses Anduril2 interface which allows lots of modes and customization options.
10 months ago
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Which manufacturer is currently the most exciting (and not necessarily successful) in terms of technical innovation and implementation?
I love that car. Their lighting dances are awesome and the ride is amazing.
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NLD: Sofirn Q8 Pro
It's a great upgrade from the Q8 with the onboard charging, powerbank, and Anduril 2. My old Q8 is just a battery holder for it now - the body screws right in the upgraded head. Great first enthusiast light!
Sofirn Q8 Flashlight Review
However as a modding base, this light with the new hottest Samsung emitter is a wonderful choice!. Conclusion. What I like
4 months ago
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Q8 Pro They call it a budget light but it doesn't feel like it
Battery lasts forever, you can charge devices, and the UI is great including simple mode and advanced. Need a holster. It has some weight as you'd expect from a soda can size light. Its bright and can hold it unlike my EDC that cuts out in 30 seconds. Batteries were included yet price is still low. ...
8 months ago
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[Help Me] Searching for a BIG flashlight
Sofirn Q8 Pro is pretty inexpensive and bright and it has a tripod mount. I don't imagine you need a *ton* of throw for caving so it might be a good choice. Four 18650's and plenty of runtime.
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Grizzly’s Sofirn Q8 Pro Review – Mega lumens for a low price
But it was your excellent review that allowed me to come to this conclusion. So bravo again for another fantastic one. Edit: I might not get the hype, but for those that do, I'm not trying to say the Q8 Pro isn't a fantastic light in it's own right, and it *is* the cheapest way to get 11,000 lumens (assuming you get some high drain batteries separately).
Need something brighter for rural area
They are currently $54 on Sofirn's website, but you could pretty easily get an additional 10% off on that site which should put you in budget. If you just wanted one light there are some good choices, like the Sofirn Q8 Pro or go nuts with the Convoy L7.
Love Sofrin Lights
Who doesn't need an 11000 Lumen Flashlight. I think the adruil UI is neat but overly complicated. I would rather see multiple switches for different modes. Way too much to memorize.
6 months ago
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I’m still pretty new to quality flashlights, and I’ve been playing around with the q8 pro and I love it. However I am confused on the user interface. Everything I see online points to it being Anduril 2. I also asked Sofirn support and they said even the first batch of them were all Anduril 2.. but as far as I can tell, it’s the same as my d4v2 and I can’t seem to access any Anduril 2 options.