Skilhunt M200

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  • Made for EDC
  • Compact and light weight
  • Full function quality EDC light
  • Neutral White version of the M200
  • Water resistant


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No battery included on some - read description carefully
I'd love to have given this flashlight a try, but turns out you can buy a flashlight with no battery. Because of the unclear or misleading product description, instead of exchanging to give this a real try, I'm just returning it and buying something else (Sofirn SP31V2.0).
1 year ago
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I finally have a ZL SC64LE 4K on backorder as I've been eyeing a Zebralight for at least 3 years now, but I recently stumbled upon the Skilhunt M200 LH351D 5K edition. Both are/appear to be well made, are small side e-switch lights, thin and use a buck/boost driver with stable output.
My First Flashlight Purchase!
Well, I finally lost the Maglite XL50 that I got for free from work, so I decided to check out the arbitrary list of popular lights and get myself an upgrade as well as a headlamp so I can stop borrowing my brother's. I went with the Skilhunt M200 and H04RC, both with the LH351D emitter, and got the E3A as a freebie from their site. I am SO pleased with these, I was a little worried that 18650 lights would be too big for EDC or too heavy for a headlamp but they're smaller and lighter than I expected.
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SKILHUNT M200 USB Compact EDC Flashlight Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest
Main Features:●Unique designUnique compact design, it is non-slip, waterproof, and abrasion resistance.●Brightness levelPress side switch to low, mid, high, turbo, cycle.● LED will give you stable and bright light, nonthermal radiation, safe and reliable● Super bright and latest CREE XP - L LED, max...
4 months ago
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Looking for a decent, everyday carry, rechargeable flashlight. Looking to spend around 100$. Any recommendations?
If not that, Skilhunt M200/M300 HI, the M200 is a little smaller and come in a high CRI variant (better color rendition), the M300 HI is a little bigger but it's more powerful and has more throw. They bot have on-board magnetic charging (more waterproof that rubber flaps), a removable tailcap magnet and a nice UI.
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Review: Skilhunt H04F RC
This Skilhunt H04F RC was providen by Skilhunt for review.
Killzone Flashlights, a Skilhunt dealer for the US facillitated the arrangement. Here's the H04F RC at Killzone. Those are affiliate links to Killzone, and my affiliate coupon code "zakreviews" will get you 10% off most flashlights, includ...
4 months ago
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Replacement for olight s2 baton
I think the Acebeam TK18 and Skilhunt M200 are both excellent choices, the TK18 being a little nicer and the M200 being an outstanding value that also supports built in charging.
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Looking for a specific type of light that resembles the S2R Baton II
You could look at the Skilhunt M200 but not a great clip and barely fits in the holster. Zebra's would fit but you lose a lot of the features. Honestly either go with one of the Olights, or go down in battery size like to a 14500 light or similar but it would be kind of loose in the holster.
A quality compact, light weight 18650 EDC with an advance customizable UI, great switch
I got the Neutral White version of the M200, and find it to be a light weight, compact, full function quality EDC light. The fit and finish is very good, and it’s relatively compact for an 18650 EDC – shorter than most comparable lights, and about the thinnest 18650 light on the market. If reducing ...
Tom E
2 years ago
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Recommendations for an EDC light
Like multiple other people have said, Zebralights will be compact, have excellent regulation, and are quite durable, but you lose the magnet and magnetic charging which is kind of a bummer. If you were starting from scratch I would recommend a Skilhunt M200 high CRI version over the Baton Pro, it's very similar in features but with a warmer color temperature and high CRI.
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Max output

ANSI 1100 Lumens

Max beam distance

161 m / 171 m

Impact resistant

1 Meter