Skilhunt M150

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  • Great for the price
  • Brightness is good for its size
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Features a large rubber side e-switch, with lock out
  • Package includes a magnetic USB charger


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Top reviews

Very compact, bright, and well made AA size flashlight!
The Skilhunt M150 is a small AA/14500 size flashlight that is shockingly bright for it's size. It came with a 14500 lithium ion battery and a magnetic charging cable. The M150 also came with a pocket clip, lanyard, spare o-rings, and instruction manual. The M150 feels very solidly built for such a c...
2 years ago
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I'll start... Skilhunt M150 V2. Great little light. Looks super cool, fits in any small or crowded pocket, plenty bright, 90 CRI, magnetic tailcap and charging, takes multiple cell types, configurable UI....
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NLD couldn’t decide which one to get, so I got them all. Skilhunt M150, m200, m300.
The moonlight mode on the m150 is the best of all three. It’s the only one that I would actually consider moonlight, and even then, I would like a step down. But it’s not too bad. Turbo is bright enough to impress your non-flashlight nerd friends, but won’t knock your socks off.
Unpopular opinion: The d4v2 is not good for daily carry
But I have switched to a M150 as my EDC if I'm going to need it I'll step up to one of my 18650s but check the M150 out. Basically same the same UI as the warrior mini. You can get it with high CRI I love this thing just saying.
Skilhunt M150 review - Pros and Cons (2022)
2019 Cree XP-L2 LED 750 lm output 3000 cd intensity 1 x 14500 Li-Ion or 1 x AA NiMH battery
The Skilhunt M150 (M150) released in 2019. It uses Cree XP-L2 LED, SMO reflector and 1 x 14500 Li-Ion or 1 x AA NiMH battery. The powerful emitter in this flashlight provides up to 750 lm output, 3000 cd in...
4 months ago
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Tired of Olights
Skilhunt M150! It's everything Olight thinks it is and so much more. It fits what you want exactly.
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Perfect EDC
M150 I purchased the Skilhunt M150 V2 with Cree emitter. This light is the perfect balance between the Skilhunt M200 and Skillhunt’s keychain light, the E3A. Build: Build quality is excellent. Threading is smooth and the anodization is even throughout. This is a very lightweight EDC weighing in arou...
Martin Cole
2 years ago
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For those of you who have gifted flashlights to non-enthusiast. Which were hits? Which fell flat?
I gave someone a Skilhunt M150. After some safety tips, an explanation of the UI (simplified to LMHT), and some practice, it was greatly enjoyed.
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Fiiirrreeee, Fiiirrreeee.
If you hadn’t guessed I’m a pretty big fan of Skilhunt’s offerings. Ironically I have never used the built in charging except to see how it worked once. Nevertheless they make a great product of good quality. I have very quickly found that the M150 is a great light for me in my EDC, initially I tried to get on the 18650 train to EDC town but just found it too large.
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Max output

ANSI 750 Lumens

Impact resistant

1 Meter

Rated Range

0.8V ~ 4.2V