Samsung Q80A

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  • Made for the living room
  • Great picture quality
  • Good sound
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Some features are not intuitive or require multiple steps


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Is this a good deal?
That's the warehouse model of the q80a which you can look up on It's not a great TV. For a little more the 75x90j is much better. For a little less the 75r646 or 75r635 are also better but not as good as the x90j
First Impressions (Also MUST read , addresses 'defects' mentioned in other reviews!)
Okay first impression review. Day one out the box. Read the reviews. So was aware of potential faulty TV I was getting into. But the specs and price were too hard to ignore. Off the bat the image quality is great. Set up was pretty easy too. The remote is kinda small actually and I wasnt use to the ...
1 year ago
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After seeing the reviews with the triangle pixel issue, and the placement of the barcode sticker. We made the purchase anyways. We had BOTH issues! About 2 days later it was discovered that there is a film on the screen! Removing it fixes both issues!
Sandra Kuykendall
1 year ago
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I really need help from the experts here
Most TVs you're lucky to get half of the original price for them even if they're less than a year old because otherwise why bother with the hassle of a used TV of questionable origin if you can pay slightly more for a new one?. As far as the Q80A goes it's not particularly great.
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Initial impressions
Very good picture. Menu system and remote can be a little frustrating, at times. Some actions require too many steps. Bluetooth works pretty well. Using a video receiver works well. TV speakers are OK, but nothing special. Whoever came up with the idea of sticking the UPC label directly on the scree...
1 year ago
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RTINGS - q80a, q70a and q60a reviews are out. Spoiler, they're bad
But this is the type of company Samsung is when it comes to all of their products. They make some truly great stuff, and they also make some truly terrible stuff. You really have to do your homework. Anyone who was interested in the Q80A would be better off with the Q80T.
Both the original and replacement units I received were defective
In general, I'm happy with this TV. Controls work well, apps work well, picture quality is generally quite good. However, the original and the replacement units I've received were defective. I guess I'll try one more time for a third unit. If the third one is no good, I will pursue a refund. If it i...
Stephen Strange
1 year ago
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What is Costco’s Q8DA and is it worth $100 more then the Sony x90cj (I assume this is the 2021 x90j)
It's the Samsung Q80A and they decided to use an ASS panel, which is similar to IPS. It's a downgrade over last year's Q80T.
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Broken Screens
I received the first unit with no issue, however after opening it and setting it up there was a line down the right side of the screen from top to bottom. After contacting Samsung, they told me to contact Amazon who put me in touch with the actual seller. Great people, highly recommend the seller. T...
1 year ago
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Can someone explain the hate with Samsung products
In 2019, the Q70R and up all had full array local dimming, but in 2020, they made the Q70T just a direct edge lit with no local dimming at all. The Q80t was the one to start with last year, but then this years Q80A they changed the panel and it’s not as good as the Q80t. The one tv they have that’s great is the QN90A and it’s insanely overpriced. It costs more than an OLED and it’s not as good as one.
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Power Consumption Operational

520 Watt

Energy Consumption per Year

306 kWh

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