Samsung Jet 90 Complete

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  • Great for bare floors
  • Powerful suction
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Good battery life for a stick vacuum cleaner
  • Easy to clean


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5 Best Cordless Vacuums - 44 Tested - Spring 2022
The Samsung Jet 90 Complete is the best cordless vacuum at a mid-range price point that we've tested. Performance on flat surfaces with this vacuum's fluffy brushroll is fantastic, and the vacuum does a very good job of dealing with debris on carpeted surfaces with its bristled Turbo Action floorhead.
4 months ago
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Ive had this for about 2 months = broken.
Ive had this for about 2 months, the canister that holds the dirt, broke (The vacuum wont hold it up anymore) . Contacted Samsung directly, they will not replace. I have to ship it in and they said it could take 90 days just for them to look at it to see if its able to be fixed. horrible customer se...
2 years ago
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Great suction for a vacuum
Love the suction on this Vac. The battery last longer on medium setting. I can actually vacuum my entire house and only empty container at end of job.
I don’t care for the fact one needs to change heads between floor and carpet. The canister is not easily detachable or attached and needs a two hand...
Robin C
8 months ago
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worst vac i have ever owned ,pity i cannot take it
rubbish battery rubbish 40mins it says longest i have had is 15 at most even on lowest setting cheap plastic bin slide connection broke,and i have been going easy eith it ,no soorry samsung this time you have got it wrong
2 months ago
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The 5 Best Vacuums For Hardwood Floors - Spring 2022
Battery performance is decent overall, as you can expect a maximum of one hour of cleaning time when used in its energy-efficient 'LOW' mode.
4 months ago
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This stick vacuum is absolutely NOT worth the money - buy a Dyson!!
This is the WORST stick vac ever! First off it came in about 1000 pieces - way more work than it’s worth! But that I could’ve lived with - but the battery lasted less than 10 minutes (yes, from a FULL charge!) even on medium suction! When I switched to high it drained it in less than 5! That’s insan...
Amy M
2 years ago
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This vacuum SUCKS!!
Great vacuum for day-to-day cleaning small-medium messes. The REMOVABLE FLOOR TOOL BRUSH IS A STROKE OF GENIUS! My dog (and gf) shed hair like crazy. (She just smacked me for that. My gf isn't too happy about it either.) One of the worst things about vacuuming was untangling their hair from the rug ...
2 months ago
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So far the best
I have tried them all . Dyson cordless, shark cordless, Lg cordless and this is by far the best. Unlike the Dyson, there is a docking stand so that it does not flop all over the wall if not installed and it lasts at least twice as long. And unlike the LG, which does have a docking station as well, i...
7 months ago
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I'm already disappointed by the battery, it only lasts 12 minutes at full power.
Cosmin Ghita
2 months ago
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Review: Samsung Jet 90 cordless stick vacuum + Clean Station dirt disposal
The Samsung Jet 90 sells for about 899 Canadian dollars, while the clean station is around 350. If you want to read this review or reference any of what I've talked about, you can head over to where I've got a full write-up posted there
Erin Lawrence
1 month ago
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