Roborock S4 Max

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  • Great for hardwood floors
  • Excellent navigation system
  • Works well on low pile carpets
  • Does a good job of cleaning dog hair from high shed breeds
  • No-go zones and invisible walls work as advertised


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Great robot vacuum!
This is a really great robot vacuum with tons of great features. I originally tried a competitor’s robot because of a sale, but decided to try the Roborock robots because of the LiDAR navigation. My first foray into the Roborock lineup was the S4–excellent navigation, reasonable ability to clean on ...
2 years ago
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My experience with Roomba i3 vs Roborock S4 Max
I spent almost 2 weeks researching robot vacuums and decided to go with the Roborock S4 Max. It came yesterday and mapped the whole house for the first time, and it still completed the job in approx 95 min. It is efficient and went over the whole house exactly one time.
2 years ago
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The real deal
My wife was so skeptical of me buying this thing - skeptical to the point of making fun about it - before it arrived. Our house doesn't just have hardwood to carpet, there is hardwood to carpet, then thick rugs on top of the carpet. About 75% of the place is either carpet or rugs. Well, me and the r...
2 years ago
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Doesn't set off nutty dog; no human interaction needed for clean floors
The media could not be loaded. [Only 11 days in, so I'll update this as we approach the warranty limit. 2022.02.27] LOVE this machine! Praying it's well-built and lasts, because it is wonderful. Why? Lemme tell ya. First, the miracle: our motor-phobic, prey-obsessed herding dog CAN STAND THIS VACUUM...
VA Shopper
7 months ago
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I’m addicted to vacuum lines!
Before owning the S4 Max I had never used a robot vacuum or even saw a need for one. Well now after having one for a month I am mesmerized and addicted to vacuum lines.
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Superb vacuum
This is my second RoboRock vacuum within a couple weeks, I first tried the E4 before sending it back and ordering the S4 Max. Here are a few of my observations on both models. Both have great suction power and do a great job on my tile and hardwood floors. I have a thicker pile carpet in some areas,...
2 years ago
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Where is the love for the Roborock 6 (not 6 pure)
Someone who doesn't need the mopping function would better choose the S4 Max since it's cheaper than the S6. The S6 on the other hand has better noise reduction (at least compared to the S5 Max), better package content (spare filter and disposable wipes in the box), and a dock that allows you to adjust the cable length.
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Wyze Robot Vacuum
This is the first decent robot vacuum I've owned, it cleans really well, it auto empties, and it doesn't require disposable bags. It's cheap to operate, and auto empty vacuums are the most automated.
Multi-floor mapping, no-go zones, great cleaning!
If you don't need mopping, get the S4 Max vs the S5 Max. If you don't need camera based object avoidance, and most people don't (or don't want vacuum cameras in your house) get the S4 Max vs the S6 Max. Great cleaning, easy WiFi setup, laser navigation, ~150 minutes of battery life, surprisingly qui...
2 years ago
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Excellent Robotic Vaccuum with Lots of Features
A Little Background: This review is coming from someone who works in the IT industry, so I'm very comfortable with technology. Features and settings that I say work great and are easy to setup may not come so easily to some. That said, I don't have extensive experience with robotic vacuums. I have u...
1 year ago
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Hard Floor

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Amazon Alexa

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Lithium Ion