Remote Equipment Charlie 25

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  • Great for work and school
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Remote Equipment Charlie 25: Review - The Perfect Pack
The Charlie 25 backpack is available to back on Kickstarter now. Disclaimer: The Charlie 25 was provided by Remote Equipment for use in this review.
2 months ago
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Remote Equipment Charlie 25 (coming in). 4. Black Ember TKS Sling (coming in).
Remote Equipment — Charlie 25 Backpack Review
The cinch cord is different from most cinch systems but easy to get used to.X-factor: 5 of 5 — Remote Equipment did a good job with targeting the appropriate audience. It’s a bag that was highly anticipated among backpack enthusiasts and bag nerds like us
But since the Charlie 25 is those 2 cm shorter in terms of the backpanel is should fit perfectly (or so i hope). And although straps can be amazing i really do prefer having a hipbelt for longer hikes or a whole day walking through the city from time to time.
Hi! I'm looking for a new backpack to use almost every day, I'm currently using this packpack, but it is to small (20L) for my use, I would like to find someone similar to this if possible, but it's not a must, I use it for everything, from wild adventures to go college with a laptop. Thanks!
It’s a good bag if you have a lot of stuff and want to use it for traveling. I do not believe it has a pass through for a water bladder so not sure if that is a make it or break it feature. The last bag is the Remote Equipment Charlie 25. It’s made to be a an urban bag that can be used for adventures.
charlie 25 purchase decision
So I have the Charlie 25 and pretty much every evergoods bag. I personally find the Charlie interesting but annoying to use. There is only 1 spot for quick access - the brain - and getting into the bag is annoying when you’re in a rush - also because of the brain. The back panel is very rigid.
Charlie 25 v Able Carry Max v Alpha 19er Pathfinder
But you can't get your laptop or large things if you only open that zipper. The Pathfinder has great capacity and is really similar to the Able Carry Max in terms of types of pockets/compartments available and both pack items better than the Charlie 25 imo.
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Best use cases for the Remote Equipment Charlie 25
Interesting discussion since I just received my Charlie 25 over the weekend. I’ve already taken it to the office twice. For my purposes and work environment it will work just fine. Overall, I’m very impressed with it and plan on using it quite a bit, especially for airport travel.
Seems really functional and affordable. Not especially fond of the aesthetic, but ticks almost all other boxes. Remote Equipment Charlie 25.
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Similar bag to Azo Equipment Amhara Adventurer
Plus, the Shadow Guides don't have a collar, which adds a few extra liters to the capacity when you need it. Re the Charlie 25 -- I also have a custom Adventurer with a front zipper, similar to the one on the Charlie, and a custom Amhara Expeditionary with a side zipper.
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