Puma Velocity Nitro

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  • Great for long-distance runners
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Good grip on wet surfaces
  • Available in every Puma store in India
  • Value for money


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Nice sneakers!
My 2nd pair. I should’ve bought another pair to have on reserve. I’m not a hardcore runner per say but they’re definitely good for running. Not sure what the longevity for these sneakers are as daily runners, but I’m sure they’ll last several months.
4 months ago
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Puma Velocity Nitro Review
The inside of the shoe is smooth, and I could even run with the shoe without the sock liner. I like the forefoot to be roomy, and it is perfect. Velocity Nitro got the laces right, and they stay in place and don’t slip
4 months ago
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Saucony Ride 15 First Impressions
Full disclosure, I'm rotating these with the Puma Velocity Nitro 2 for daily miles and recovery runs. **Pros**:. * Smooth-Saucony did a great job redoing the geometry of the midsole to have more of a rockered effect. This lends to tremendous smoothness through the whole gait cycle.
It would almost be too soft if not for the bottom layer of firmer EVA running from the heel to the forefoot acting as a mild stability agent. This prevents the shoe, especially the forefoot, from bottoming out when deep in a run. Longest distance I've taken it to is 12 miles, and it performed well but I did start getting sore feet at the end (could be due to [lack of] fitness). Another way to describe it is that the Nitro foam feels "spongy", but not overly-so to where it's enervating.
Underrated shoes
Puma Velocity Nitro-This is the best all around shoe of the year for me. It can do it all, easy miles, quicker miles, long runs. It's stable, soft, yet bouncy with a very comfortable upper and breathable mesh.
Daily/tempo trainers with "super foams" without a carbon plate?
I'd throw the following into that category:
* Puma Velocity Nitro 2
* Brooks Hyperion Tempo
* Skechers Razor Excess 2
* Maybe Nike Streakfly
Lightweight, durable, and long-lasting (good for 600+ miles) shoe recommendations for everyday runs on roads?
Puma velocity nitro has a hard wearing rubber which will also last a long time, I don’t know about the midsole longevity. Unless you are going for something more akin to a tank, I think you’ll struggle to get a guaranteed 600 miles from a trainer.
Which Running shoe brand is the best?
As for your requirements, Reebok Floatride Energy 1/2/3/Symmetros, Puma Velocity Nitro, Asics Novablast 1/2, Saucony Ride 14/Axon, Adidas Supernova, Asics Gel Cumulus 23 are some suggestions. Also, Reebok and Puma have won a lot of fans with their recent running shoe offerings.
hyperion tempo vs endorphin speed 2
Assuming your pain is due to lack of cushion and not a lack of support, I'd make a general recommendation of a New Balance 1080v11, Brooks Glycerin, or Puma Velocity Nitro if you're looking for a bit more responsive foam.
Puma Velocity Nitro Review: The best running shoe under £100?
For me, in any case, and that's just my preference - that's it guys - that is our review of the puma velocity nitro um. Let us know in the comments what you think have you tried out any of humans in your shoes? What do you think are you struggling to get ahold of them like?
The Run Testers
4 months ago
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