Puma Liberate Nitro

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  • Great for shorter runs
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable


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Puma Liberate Nitro Review
Liberate Nitro is highly recommended for tempo runs and speed intervals, and races up to half-marathon distances. It fills the gap in ultra-lightweight and well-cushioned trainers in the Indian market. For those training for longer distances, this makes a good rotation for speed work, and tempo effort runs
4 months ago
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I'd say the Reebok Floatride Energy 3, Reebok Floatride Panthea, Brooks Hyperion Tempo, Skechers Razor 3, and Saucony Freedom 3 are the closest currently. There a bunch of upcoming shoes that will fit well in this spot that have been getting positive reviews as well. These are the Hoka Mach 4, New Balance Fuelcell Rebel 2, Saucony Freedom 4, Puma Liberate Nitro, and Skechers Razor Excess. ADDITIONALLY, the Endorphin Speed is a great shoe and a lot of people are reccomending it in this slot.
What's your idea of good durability for running shoes?
On the other hand, I recently picked up the Puma Liberate Nitro's which I have much lower durability expectations of. This is because I got them knowing that they're super light with a responsive and squishy midsole, meaning it would be unreasonable to expect similar midsole longevity to Zoom and Boost, and the upper is a lot more likely to give too due to the thinner and lighter materials. I'll be content with 600km, and happy with >700km out of them. A good comparison to show why your blanket >1000km durability expectation is kinda flawed would be with something like cars.
Affordable shoe for tempo/speed work?
I can't think of a better option under £100 than the Puma Liberate Nitro. It feels nimble but cushioned to me, a good halfway house from those daily trainers to a speed shoe imo.
What shoe(s) did you enjoy running in the most this year?
Probably the Puma Liberate Nitro. The slipper-like fit, the ground contact feel while still feeling decently protected, and the extremely low weight just makes running with them such a unique experience compared to the rest of the shoes I ran in.
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Shoes for sprinting that aren’t spikes/flats
I use my Puma Liberate Nitros for intervals/sprint work, especially on the track. Would definitely recommend, plus their base price is $120.
Pegasus Turbo 2 v Adidas Adios 6. Can anyone provide a comparison between these 2?
Puma Liberate nitro, $110, 7.2oz size men's 9, n2 foam softer than Hyperion tempo. Adidas Adios 6, $120, 8.3oz men's size 9, dual layer midsole heel is firmer and less smooth when slow. Forefoot is soft with great energy back.
Puma liberate nitro after 100 miles
I am a fairly light weight runner at 55kg and I believe this shoe offers just the right amount of cushioning for me at that weight. I find max cushioned shoes to feel a bit dead as I don't seem to compress the cushioning enough to make them feel soft/ responsive. They are incredibly flexible which I have really enjoyed as I believe it allows your feet to naturally go through the gait cycle. The nitro foam is also responsive and well cushioned but not so soft that it's unstable.
Puma Liberate Nitro Performance Review » Believe in the Run
Puma Liberate Nitro Conclusion. THOMAS: Puma came back to life with a solid lineup of running shoes this year. I like them all, but the Velocity and Liberate really stood out
4 months ago
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If you had to start your rotation from scratch…
I would do an all Puma Nitro rotation, I'm a fan of the line:. * Liberate for the shorter, quicker stuff. * Deviate Elite Nitro for the longer stuff / any eventual race I get the bad ideia of getting into (keep in mind my longer stuff right now is still 10K). * One of the middle ground ones for daily, probably the Velocity but would have to try the Eternity and the Electrify too.



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