Puma Liberate Nitro

Puma Liberate Nitro

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Great for speed work and shorter distances
Lightweight and responsive design
Comfortable Nitro foam
Good traction and grip on the outsole
Affordable price point
Not as durable as some other shoes due to lightweight construction
May not be suitable for runners who prefer more cushioning
Some reviewers note that the heel counter may cause irritation if tied too tightly


Overall, the Puma Liberate Nitro receives positive reviews for its lightweight, responsive, and cushioned design. Many reviewers recommend it for speed work and shorter distances, while others find it suitable for longer runs as well. The Nitro foam is praised for its springiness and comfort, while the outsole provides good traction and grip. Some reviewers note that the upper may not be as durable as other shoes, but this is expected given its lightweight construction. Overall, the Puma Liberate Nitro is a solid option for runners looking for a nimble and cushioned shoe at an affordable price point.


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