Philips SHP9500

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  • Great for gaming
  • Comfortable, sturdy build
  • Good sound quality
  • Not good outdoors
  • Twice as expensive as the price


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The 7 Best Headphones - Spring 2022
The Philips SHP9500 are the best entry-level audiophile headphones that we've tested. If you're an audiophile on a tight budget, these headphones offer a fairly neutral sound suitable for various audio content. Although they lack thump and rumble due to their open-back design, they have a bump of extra high-bass to help add warmth to mixes
4 months ago
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No picking on the little guy
I took a break for a few years and just recently came back in 2020, and man, this price category looks barren. Nowadays, Koss and the Philips SHP9500 (and sometimes stuff like the AKG K361 or Chifi brands like Takstar) seems to be the default recommendations because there isn't much options anymore below the HD58X.
This is ZeosPantera and I approve this message
So right quick these are NOT SHP9500 take 2.. These are like a brother to SHP9500 and a warm, slightly more clampy and a bit heavier brother at that. I enjoy the original 9500 and with these "updates" to the styling and fitment I think philips did well. BUT calling them 9600 as if they sound ANYTHIN...
2 years ago
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It is not neccesity to be a open back i just want to a headset that do not make my ears sweat. I have found philips shp9500 but when i check it is claim that arctis 3 better than this and, i want to buy a better headset than i currently own. My max budget is 80 dollars. I can afford little more but i prefer not to do .
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... The shelf.
Perfect comfort, good sound, decent price. They're my main gaming headphones (I mainly play rhythm games). Philips SHP9500, the "sit down and listen" headphones, great Soundstage, lots of detail (not as much as the Starfield but more than the others) comfortable but I can definitely feel them on my head.
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The 6 Best Open-Back Headphones - Spring 2022
The Philips SHP9500 are the best budget-friendly open-back headphones that we've tested. These over-ears create a great passive soundstage that feels open and spacious.
5 months ago
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So I sold that one. I got the Philips Fidelio X2HR afterwards, since it should be a good up/side grade to the SHP9500. But oh boy, I hated that thing. It sounded bloated, way too colored, sibilant, badly detailed and was uncomfortable.
Don't buy these
Boosted bass, muted highs, pushed back mids, and twice as expensive as the price the 9500 regularly dips to? What was Philips thinking? The SHP9500s were a bit grainy, so for the 9600s they got rid of this by tuning out the highs. The SHP9500s were a bit bass lacking, so they boosted the bass so har...
2 years ago
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On the daily
They never listen though. I usually recommend a lot of my cheap gamer friends to invest in a V-moda boompro with a cheap dac and either a Philips SHP9500 or a Philips Fidelio X2, they always take that suggestion and then go straight to Razer, Logitech, or some 50 dollar cheapo headphones. I'm always like, "So why did you guys ask me when you never take my advice?".
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The 7 Best Audiophile Headphones - Spring 2022
If you're looking for even more affordable audiophile headphones, the Philips SHP9500 are the best headphones under $100 that we've tested. Thanks to their open-back design, their passive soundstage seems large, open, and spacious, which can make your audio feel more immersive. Their very comfortable fit is well-padded and doesn't clamp very tightly on your head
5 months ago
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