Panasonic Lumix G85

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  • Great for videographers
  • Image quality is amazing
  • Stabilization is good
  • Custom settings are important to learn and use well
  • Highly recommended


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Don’t let the price scare you, you NEED this camera.
So I was not 100% sure if this was the right buy because some of the reviews scared me but this is PERFECT! I have been into photography as a hobby for years and I’ve never shot on such a crisp and clean camera like this! It’s seriously next level. Not only does the camera take AMAZING photos but it...
4 years ago
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Crop Sensors
I've used the Lumix G85, a micro 4/3 camera, and loved every second of it. I had very good photos taken with it before switching to Fuji.
Canon M50 Vs Sony a6400 Vs Fujifilm X-T200
If cost is a big issue the G85 is a happy medium and can be found cheap. AF isn't great but is good enough with 1080p.
One of the best value cameras out today! Highly recommend to all!
One of the best value camera out there. Hands down. For current users, I highly suggest to do the following: Go to menu --> Setup --> beep (page 2) --> Turn off the beep volume and E shutter volume This was a huge annoyance for me at first, and I was relieved to find it in the settings. Battery savi...
Lou Gabriel
6 years ago
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Panasonic G85/G80 Hands-On Field Test in Germany (With FZ2500 Video Impressions!)
Video capabilities and Panasonic is really focusing on making this a camcorder replacement, because you have no record limit on it, at least in terms of the North American version. Sorry Europeans but you're out of luck, but we can shoot all day until either your battery fills up or your card fills up. It's really great and helping you with that is that the battery life on this is fantastic
4 months ago
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What are the best budget cameras to shoot video?
I really like my Panasonic G85 for video, and they go for about $800cad brand new, where I am. Dual ibis and weathersealed, nice evf, and battery grips are available. I've had good luck with mine.
Budget range would be anywhere between $750 and $2000. Any extra framerates would be nice (60fps+) and 4k is probably also preferred. So far across my research the Panasonic Lumix G85 seems to have the features and budget range I'm kinda into, but I based this conclusion on posts from 2016-17.
I love this camera
I love this camera. Here are a few points to know: - stabilization is insanely good; practice just walking with it if in wide angle mode. - custom settings are very important to learn and use well. Learn what they save and what they don't, and differences between photo and video modes. This is very ...
5 years ago
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Amateur Looking To Enter The Field, Got $1000 For A Camera
Not sure why DSLRs would be the best for video but I would get a mirrorless if I was in your position. If you are dead set on buying a camera, check out the Canon m50 or Panasonic g85. Those would be fine for you. Not sure what Professional events you are looking at, but the unlimited recording time on the g85 helps a lot for events like sports or weddings.
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Reasonably priced Micro 4/3s Progress
I have been thinking of buying the OMD EM1 Mark 2. I am an enthusiast and take pictures of my family and for travel. Many years ago, I sold my Canon bodies/lenses to get into Micro 4/3’s. Like many, my investment in film lenses led me to Canon bodies in the electronic world. However, it became clear...
C. J. Hawkins
6 years ago
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