Noctigon K9.3

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  • Made for the military
  • Waterproof
  • Bright light
  • Military grade aluminum body and lens
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


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Noctigon K9.3 Dual-Channel Flashlight
flashlights | noctigon | March 9, 2022 Noctigon makes unique, custom-configured flashlights. The K9.3 can switch between nine inner LEDs and three outer LEDs, which can be ordered in various brightness levels and color temperatures, as well as red, green, or amber. Its body is CNC-machined from aluminum and comes in black, green, or dark grey.
4 months ago
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I love the two channels on this light. My light has the osram blue and it is very bright and stunning at night.
Luke Edwards on Jul 15
53 years ago
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Noctigon K9.3 - 2 flashlights in one body | Beautiful AUX | Anduril 2 | Review with E12R comparison
For that compact flashlight is definitely an excellent result concerning that does not have the boost or bug driver.
Flashlight Enthusiast
4 months ago
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