Noctigon K1

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  • Made for tactical use
  • Bright light
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use controls
  • Comes with a holster and belt clip


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K1 21700 throw light
Very well thought out design with superior construction and amazing performance. Holster provided along with orings and usb type C charge port, tucked away safely, revealed by unscrewing the head from the body. Nice AR coated glass lens and SS bezel. Truely beautiful to behold and use. Throws far wi...
Dennis M.
1 year ago
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Looking into possibly getting a Olight Warrior X Pro handheld, why or why not? Before the whole explosion thing gets brought up, that was in 2017 and they supposedly fixed it
That accident where an Olight exploded was caused because of low quality CR123A cells being used in series (which is very dangerious). I'd rather avoid Olight because of their properitary batteries and high prices (compared to the market). You can just get better or similar flashlights for less money. I'd recommended looking at Acebeam L30 gen II, Acebeam T27 or the Noctigon K1.
(NLD) couple of weeks ago I didn't care about flashlights. I discovered this sub and this is my first purchase. Zl H600w IV. Pls help
The Noctigon K1 is god tier for this, but if you want to experiment with the different color options, the convoy c8+ is a MUCH cheaper way to do this. When buying throwers, always remember this mantra: "Green K1 is best K1". You're gonna need a LEP too, for variety.
[Review] Noctigon K1 – 1,6km Reichweite - M4D M4X
Just published a new video. If you like it, would be happy to get a thumb and follow at YouTube. Thank you and have a great WE! Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.Please wait... ← is online! (needs new account)
4 months ago
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Where the nerds at? May the Fourth be with you!
Wut?? Lemme see those “real life” “lightsabers!”. I’ve been trying to maintain a “1-in, 1-out” mentality, so I actually gave my Ultrasaber away to the little kids next door before getting this Noctigon K1 (W1 green).
SOC My flashlights collection. Fully finished?
And Finally, A Noctigon K1 W2. Useless piece of heaven. I love it, but I can`t think of one real life situation / task where it would be better than the rest of those.
[OLD] Old Light Day: my beloved 2018 Emisar D4Ti just arrived back from China. Hank repaired a broken switch for only the cost of shipping, that's fantastic customer service.
Hank offered to fix it with no hesitation. I paid £14 GBP (about $20 USD) at the post office to ship it in a small cardboard box to China and $7 USD to Hank on PayPal to ship it back. Took a few months, but I really can't fault being offered a free repair of a well-used discontinued product, that's very unusual. I might have to pull the trigger on a Noctigon K1 to make my thanks known...
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Suggestions for a second flashlight to pair with a D4V2?
> So far I like the noctigon K1. *Awesome* light.
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[NLD] RGB C8+ Have arrived! W2 green and Amber on the way
Overall very impressed with these, they do get pretty warm pretty quick but I haven't noticed much step-down due to being too hot. My W2 blue noctigon K1 definitely blows the convoy blue away, but for ~$22 I am very happy with these!.
The Emisar D18 is an excellent light for photography!
The blend of a beautiful tint and the smooth transition between the “hotspot” and the outer edges of the beam makes this light so incredibly pleasing to use. It never looks bad on any camera, and the amount of throw this thing has despite the wide beam makes it so I can carry this light while exploring and really never miss a shot. I recently bought a Noctigon K1 and while I really like it for how stupidly cool it is, I don’t think it’ll ever reach the practicality of the D18.
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Maximum Light Output

350 lm

Maximum Run Time

14 hrs

Resistance Features



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