Noctigon DM11

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  • Made for hunting
  • Bright light
  • Durable and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Great for camping or emergency situations


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Noctigon DM11 - First Look
However, i prefer this one just a bit more as it is slightly throwier gets a bit less hot and has an even higher cri, which is pretty nice. This individual light, though, is again an exception and in general the dm11 is going to be significantly throwier than the d4s v2, so they won't really be that comparable. Overall, i really think this is an excellent light and i think it's one that a lot of people will enjoy it's very practical for outdoor use and has pretty solid performance
4 months ago
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Noctigon DM11 1x21700 Middle Range Thrower Emisar Osram W1 Led 150.000 cd Review And Beamshots
So again the dm is clearly the winner d1s. In turbo so again much more concentrated beam on the dm dm11 and, last but not least, the k1 ultimates roar from nocticon. As you can see, this one still produces more light output, but still much bigger size
4 months ago
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