Nikon Z7 II

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  • Great for still images
  • Best menus in business
  • Assignable buttons = fantastic
  • View finder and rear screen are A+
  • Silent/stealth operation is perfect


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Nice incremental upgrade to the Z7-1 at an attractive lower initial base price...
Been a Z-7 owner since first release. Also own Canon 5DS-R, 5DMKII. Generally Why Z7-line? - A+ still image quality (I shoot RAW and edit in Photoshop) - A+ ergonomics & best menus in business (not perfect, but pretty great) - Assignable buttons = fantastic - View finder and rear screen are A+ - Sil...
S. Bové
2 years ago
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This is my 4th Nikon DSLR, and (by far) the best one I have ever purchased. Upgraded my D750 to the mirrorless. Z 7 II simply works. Real-time view with exposure is a huge plus. Very fast, autofocus is extremely responsive even in dark conditions. Picture quality is stunning!! Two card slots a big p...
Biren A.
1 year ago
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Best cameras for landscape photography in 2021
The Z7 II’s ISO 64 setting, which allows it to capture 2/3EV more light than most of its full-frame peers, gives image quality that's directly competitive with the larger sensor Fujifilm.
However, even though its autofocus isn't quite up with the best Sony and Canon cameras, the Z7 II is faster and ...
Digital Photography Review
10 months ago
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Mirrorless D850 Sort of
Great camera with the interesting feature of seeing exactly what your exposure will be through the viewfinder as you compose the image. Bit of a lag from turn on to ready to shoot but not a deal breaker for a landscape photographer. Had to get used to not seeing anything through the viewfinder until...
David Waldrup
1 year ago
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On my Z7, activating IBIS on any of my lenses gives me a solid 7 stops of extra range, and I've been able to push that up to 8/9 stops in a couple scenarios (including one shot I have with 0 motion blur at 100%, shot at 1/4 of a second). Focus peaking in the viewfinder - not perfectly accurate but is really useful if I have to move quickly. The big one: I assigned the two function buttons to 50% zoom and 100% zoom.
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Nikon Z 7 II Review
The full-frame mirrorless Nikon Z 7 II is a bit faster than its predecessor and supports dual memory cards, both important for pros. Its autofocus isn't quite as futuristic as its rivals, but it undercuts them on price, and its 45MP image sensor is still one of the best around. Sign up for Lab Report to get the latest reviews and top product advice delivered right to your inbox
Jim Fisher
3 months ago
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The Sony Arsenal (a question of "upgrades")
To make matters worse it just doesn't compete at the price point. Z7M2 sounds and performs like it's worth 100 bucks more than the 1AM2, way shy of the 600 dollar asking price. Cheaping out on fake leather also makes this one feel less worth it, and something about it being lighter than the original Z7 makes it feel less valuabe.
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Lust-worthy Camera
This is the camera I lusted for ever since I tried one out. It has the resolution to capture macros, model portraits, and scenic shots - my typical repertoire - and not lose essential image quality during post processing. I recommend that one buy Z-series S model lenses, not use the FTZ adapter, to ...
Glen Marshall
1 year ago
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Tried to shoot the eclipse got this instead.
Nikon z7 with the 70-200 2.8S. Such a good combo this is full autofocus set to -5 and i tapped the screen to do the focus pull. So cool to be able to do it with AF
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Nikon Z7 II review: Digital Photography Review
I have taken many shots for my daughter last weekend and I didn't worry about the focus, and only need to care about the composition. For me, Nikon Z7 II is the best, even I don't use Z lens for my most of shooting(Still using the G lens).


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