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  • There is almost nothing the D850 can do that the Z7 can't do almost as well
  • If you have a D850 and don't
  • Z7 is the new D760


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If you wanted a smaller, lighter D850, here it is.
This is a camera designed for serious photographers who already own quite a bit of Nikon glass and want to be able to make use of the new S-Line Z-mount lenses to come. There is almost nothing the D850 can do that the Z7 can't do almost as well and there is a lot that the Z7 can do that the D850 can...
Phillip Hallam-baker
4 years ago
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Nikon Z 7 Review
The Z 7 is the best full-frame mirrorless camera for photographers invested in the Nikon system, but some quirks prevent it from attaining class-leading status. Sign up for Lab Report to get the latest reviews and top product advice delivered right to your inbox. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links
Jim Fisher
3 months ago
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Anyway, I recently upgraded from a Nikon D750 to a Nikon Z7 because I needed more resolution for printing and the Z7 was a lot cheaper than a D850. At first I thought I was making a compromise switching to mirrorless, but it has been blowing my mind in a few ways that has been giving me a lot more options when it comes to lenses. The features in question:. IBIS - I've been testing this pretty thoroughly.
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Great Camera - Pro Level Results
The upside: Think of the Z7 as the new D760. All the sweet handling of a 750 with the output of an 850. And 3 “U” banks! Image quality is as good as or better than the 850. Nikkor F lenses’ AF speed is as fast as the 850 and perhaps a little more accurate. The Sony XQD card gobbles up the 60MB, 14 b...
Dan De Lion
4 years ago
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The Sony Arsenal (a question of "upgrades")
To make matters worse it just doesn't compete at the price point. Z7M2 sounds and performs like it's worth 100 bucks more than the 1AM2, way shy of the 600 dollar asking price. Cheaping out on fake leather also makes this one feel less worth it, and something about it being lighter than the original Z7 makes it feel less valuabe.
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DPReview TV: Nikon Z7 review
I think it handles very well. Overall, the cameras got great weather sealing.
DPReview TV
3 months ago
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Tried to shoot the eclipse got this instead.
Nikon z7 with the 70-200 2.8S. Such a good combo this is full autofocus set to -5 and i tapped the screen to do the focus pull. So cool to be able to do it with AF
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Nikon quality and more!
I’ve had the Nikon D700, D750, and D800 when they came out the first time and used them for many years. This model is a big step forward. Out of the box, the picture quality, focus speed, and quietness when taking pictures are the first few things I liked about this model. I’m sure the new built in ...
Trap Shooter
4 years ago
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Nikon Z7 II review: Digital Photography Review
I have taken many shots for my daughter last weekend and I didn't worry about the focus, and only need to care about the composition. For me, Nikon Z7 II is the best, even I don't use Z lens for my most of shooting(Still using the G lens).
Nikon Z7: Mini-review
I also found the z7 sometimes missing shots in its eye, autofocus mode, focusing a bit too closely. Next, the lens mount lenses mount onto the camera clockwise differently from other camera systems, which really throws me off.
Christopher Frost
3 months ago
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