Nikon D90

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It's an older model, but still very usable.
I dislike that I had to replace my first D90 with a camera that could easily have the same problem: the mirror was stuck halfway up and refused to move. It appears to be a common problem for Nikon DSLRs manufactured in that time period. Not all D90's have that problem, so maybe I'll be lucky. I like...
Amazon Customer
10 months ago
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What would you say is the least amount it would cost for a basic setup to take professional quality landscape photos?
But some of the best shots I've taken and printed at least to A3 size have been taken on an old Nikon D90 with an 18-55mm kit lens. Don't focus on resolution too much, if you're thinking about printing. 10 MP are usually fine unless you intend to crop too much. Of course more MP lets you take sharper images, but there's no need to obsess about it.
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Nikon D90 - First Impression Video Review by DigitalRev
Editing the Nikon d90 lens kit comes with instruction menu software CD eyepiece cover rechargeable Engl, 3d battery battery charger power, cord USB cable AV, cable, neck, strap lens case lens hood and 18 to 105 millimeter lights and, of course, the Nikon d90 itself pick up the d90. The first thing is that feels a little heavier than the DAT, in fact, about 35 grams heavier.
DigitalRev TV
3 months ago
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This camera literally started my photography career, and I never knew I'd be a photographer!
This camera literally changed my life. I never took a class on photography, I just ended up learning how to use this camera on my own. It's pretty easy to use, and it has been quite a life changer for me. Since I purchased this camera, I have landed covers & spreads to magazines such as GQ, FHM, Zoo...
9 years ago
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The main restriction on the D90 was its video mode - it was limited to 720P, laughably low by today's standards. I was under the impression that the D90 was a full frame, but it's APS-C so I won't be losing any sensor size by getting a Z50. I have never used a mirrorless before, so I don't know what differences I can expect in terms of overall user experience and image quality. I currently own 3 F-Mount lenses so I bought an FTZ adapter as well - the 18-105mm and 70-300mm Nikkor DX lenses that were bundled with the D90, and a Tokina AT-X 116 Pro DX (11-16mm f/2.8).
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Fantastic camera
After buying another camera on a bidding website EBTH, and finding out that didn’t work after taking it to a camera shop I was pretty skeptical about buying another one online. But the reviews for the seller were excellent, a 30 day guarantee, and it had a great price, so I gave it a shot, and I cou...
Chip Yaus
1 year ago
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Great Camera
This is my first DSLR, and I couldn't be happier. I read endlessly about different cameras before I decided on the D90. In the end it came down to the D90, and Canon's 50D, mostly due to their price points. Both are truely awesome and feature packed camera's. I loved the feel of the 50D, as I have p...
13 years ago
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What made you upgrade your first camera?
“From 2016, extremely outdated” lol, I use a Nikon D90 from 2008 and it works fine and produces great quality photos. New expensive camera bodys are obviously nice but it really comes down to your knowledge of the all the cameras settings, what lenses you use, and other external factors such as lighting set ups. That being said, a body upgrade would be nice due to 13 years of wear and tear.
No Need to Return Camera...
By now most people know the D90 is one of the best cameras you can buy. Anyway, I wouldn't have written a review at all if not for the fact that i see no other review that mentions something I would have found extremely useful prior to my purchase. My first D90, ordered in November, arrived with a w...
13 years ago
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First DSLR with a certain budget
The D90 is an older 12mp sensor but isn’t too far behind current APS-C cameras and offers a lot of high performance features for not a lot of money right now and is well suited for sports/action/wildlife/birds for someone on a really tight budget. Its D7000 successor’s 16mp sensor is still competitive with modern APS-C cameras and offers some other iterative improvements over the older D90 - a lot of camera for the money. I’d skip over the D5X00 bodies unless you really want the fully articulated screen.


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