Nikon D80

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  • Great for landscape photography
  • Good image quality
  • Easy to use and navigate menus
  • Excellent battery life
  • Lightweight and compact design


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Upgrade from D90
I upgraded from a D80 to a D850 , very happy ๐Ÿ™‚. I shoot landscape so wanted a full frame and the mega pixels. Since getting it I have also been doing some wildlife photography it just handles everything I need.
Great deal
Quite a surprise, sell shipped same day, got here a day early. Camera was all it was advertised to be. Ut said showed signs of exterior wear, but I didn't see any. I ask while being shipped if they had the shutter count, they didnt, but when it arrived i took a picture and went to a website you can ...
2 years ago
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If you dropped all your gear in a lake, would you rebuy into the Nikon system?
(I don't think?). I bought into Nikon a long time ago with an F80 then a D80 to switch to digital, and at the time I felt they were the best options and the best lens system. Not much has changed except it's a D500 now. Not sold on mirrorless yet, but one day.
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Just like new
I had two Nikon D80s stolen from me much to my dismay and sadness. I have photographed many weddings as well as just about every else in the past and hope to continue to do so but needed another D80. I'm just not happy without one. So when I saw this one advertised with the 18-135 mms lens, I grabbe...
Sandra Wollard
5 years ago
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When did you start shooting Nikon? Why did you make that pick?
15 years ago with the D80. I had intended on going with Canon at the time since all my friends owned Canon gear. But the best advice I received was to go pick up and handle the cameras instead of decided based on specs alone. Nikon just felt right in my hands.
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Superb in every way
I bought the Nikon 80 with the 18-135mm AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor lens for my daughter's college graduation gift. She loves it and has put it to very good use in only a week. The lens is perfect as a starter for this camera ("Awesome" to quote her). The professional photographers where she works were also...
R. D. Sanders
15 years ago
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step up
I ordered bought this camera as an upgrade from an Olympus prosumer camera. I used to own several 35mm film cameras in the past and was always partial to Olympus, but when the digital camera revolution rolled around, I thought I would check out the Nikon range and I settled on this one which I got f...
11 years ago
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Official Question Thread! Ask /r/photography anything you want to know about photography or cameras! Don't be shy! Newbies welcome!
I got a Canon EOS 550D some time ago, and in comparison with my Nikon D80 this camera is a big revelation to me. Some background, I am an old film photographer who used to take a lot of films on a Nikon F decades ago.
A Winner
I shoot western Colorado landscapes for microstock sites. I need a camera with low image noise, smooth focus, long battery life, and durability. I love Nikon. I have had Nikon SLRs since I started shooting stock in the late 70s. They are dependable, quality instruments. The D80 is no exception. No p...
Linda Armstrong
14 years ago
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Nikon D80 error message when trying to take a picture. Any solutions?
I had a D80 that I bought new and used it for many years until a few months ago that had the same error. I tried multiple lenses, cleaning the lens mount, charging two batteries (both Nikon brand), changing SD cards (even buying brand new), and could not get it to go away. No matter what setting on the dials and resetting every option, the message was there. The shutter would actuate but it would not record any images.
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