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  • Great for Alien fans
  • Game is played in a warehouse-themed cargoship
  • Difficulty can be unfair as you can be punished even for making good moves
  • In space, no one can hear you roll the noise
  • Gameplay is mostly about surviving


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Tabletop Review - Nemesis
Fantastic all around, almost every component is oozing with theme. You’ll be taking a trip on this interstellar Titanic every chance you get. Nemesis will be available at retail later this year
2 months ago
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[b]TLDR:[/b] Alien Isolation gameplay + Among Us objectives and sabotaging + The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena-esque ship environment gamespace. Mainly it's played in confined corridors w/ vents & ducts inside a warehouse-themed cargoship.
First off, this game is more about survivin...
Verified Purchase
3 months ago
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Nemesis - Definition, Meaning & Synonyms
LEARNDICTIONARYVOCABULARY LISTSTEST PREP Use the word nemesis to describe someone or something that always causes you major problems, like the runner on another school's track team who, for years, has been beating your time by a fraction of a second. The word nemesis describes a rival who just someh...
Nemesis - Ultratest Solutions
Nemesis is designed to dramatically increase efficiency by automating what is typically very much a manual operation, with the added bonus of removing the human dependency where errors can be made. The streamlined process also has the ability to recover products due to corrupt or missing OS, enablin...
Nemesis Board Game Review - Gideon's Gaming
Verdict Nemesis has a fair share of problems that I would rather it didn’t have considering the steep price tag. However, in spite of those issues, the fun I’ve had and the memories I’ve made make it worth it.
2 months ago
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Nemesis - Awaken Realms
During the game, you will control one of the crew members with a unique set of skills, personal deck of cards, and individual starting equipment. These heroes cover all your basic SF horror needs. For example, the scientist is great with computers and research, but will have a hard time in combat. Soldier on the other hand...
2 months ago
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Nemesis — An All-Time Great?
Overall, Nemesis is one of my favorite games and I’m usually happy to play it.
2 months ago
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Nemesis Test Shot
Released at D-Con 2016 on November 19th-20th, 2016.[5][6]. Nemesis T1 Test Shot
2 months ago
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---{ Graphics }---
☐ You forget what reality is
☐ Beautiful
☑ Good
☐ Decent
☐ Bad
☐ Don‘t look too long at it
---{ Gameplay }---
☑ Very good
☐ Good
☐ It's just gameplay
☐ Mehh
☐ Watch paint dry instead
☐ Just don't
---{ Audio }---
☐ Eargasm
☐ Very good
☑ Good
☐ Not too bad
☐ Bad
☐ I'm now...
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3 months ago
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Its not terrible, its not amazing yet either. Has tons of potential if they better optimize the game.
The game play itself its not bad just feels early, I like the teamwork/personal objectives just like the board game
I like the graphics
I even like that you dont feel powerful even with a gun.
Verified Purchase
3 months ago
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Game Length

60-120 minutes