Twilight struggle

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  • Great for 2 players
  • Good replay value
  • Fun and engaging gameplay
  • Easy to learn
  • Excellent design


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Twilight Struggle App Review - Pixelated Cardboard
All of this is to say, Twilight Struggle, perhaps more than any other app we’ve reviewed, is not going to be for everybody.However, if it is for you, you can rest assured you’re getting a quality implementation with this app. The active online community is the reason to buy this app, as it will provide endless replayability
Excellent Game: Win by Compromise
This is one of my favorite board games. It gets you involved, it gets you stressed, it gets you jubilant at things that go well, and crushed when the situation is bleak. In other words, it's the Cold War, all over again, on a board! Besides that, this game will mention neat things about history, and...
1 year ago
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My boyfriend got the game for his birthday. We love complex games (Spirit Island and Twilight Struggle are some of our favorite), but this one seems over complicated and just too difficult to start playing if none of the players know the rules already.
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TWILIGHT STRUGGLE Review: Everything But Nuclear War — GameTyrant
Frequently, I was undone by rounds where my entire hand was opponent events. Or by horrible die rolls that resulted in failed coups or a lack of progress in the space race.Setbacks like that might deter many gamers, but there is a distinct appeal in Twilight Struggle to board gamers that crave complex and interconnected gameplay mechanics
3 months ago
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Any more examples of "meta-rules"?
I was once losing badly, and my husband played this card, so I ran round the garden arguing that if he couldn’t poke me he couldn’t score the points. In general, the best bit about twilight struggle for me is the history and realism behind each card, it’s such a well thought out game and I’m gutted that it’s fallen out of the top 10 on bgg.
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Twilight Struggle Review - The Thoughtful Gamer
Twilight Struggle is an absolute masterpiece and one of the pinnacles of game design in any medium. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone who has any interest in board games. It captures the feeling of its theme better than any other game I have ever played
Highest rank games on BGG that you no longer play?
Twilight Struggle - It's still great and I still like it. I just have kids now.
Review: Twilight Struggle App Review - 8bit Meeple
I must caveat this review with the fact that this is not a game for everyone. If you enjoy a lighter game with a singular win focus, or struggle with analysis paralysis then this probably won’t be the game for you. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of in depth games, full of theme, where every single decision you make will see it’s impact echo through the remainder of the game, whether you make the decision on turn one round one or turn ten; or simply a fan of Risk and are looking for a better way to play a war game (check out our article on this topic here), then Twilight Struggle is the app for you
3 months ago
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Two-player Twosday - (May 04, 2021)
My flatmate and I had our 6th game of Twilight Struggle this week. The game is so perfectly tense and thought-provoking that we end up discussing it for about an hour afterwards. The theming is also incredibly well done, I doubt the two of us will find a more perfect fit of a game for us.
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Unbelievably Complicated Set Up and Learning - Wasted My Money and Time!
Intricate with a bazillion little easy-to-lose pieces for any age, this Cold War game looked like a winner, but just ended in mutually assured destruction. My sister was reading the instructions out loud for literally 45 minutes while we tried to set up the game. Never got to play it. We gave up. It...
4 years ago
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