MSR WhisperLite Stove

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  • Great for backpacking
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to light
  • Sturdy base
  • Comes with windscreen kit


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A lightweight trooper
This the first stove I got since I started camping on my own. It's crazy lightweight, easy to light, and generally easy to use. I can store it inside my aluminum percolator, which is a nice bonus.
2 years ago
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Let's get some grub
MSR WhisperLite International Stove. It has a sturdy base and can hold a decent sized pan/pot. I think they sell one with a windscreen kit, but I have always kept a few feet of heavy duty foil to use as a windblock.
EPIC REVIEW • Is the MSR Whisperlite for you? (2022)
You pop your email here, and we promise to send you only travel content that’s actually relevant — sounds like a pretty good deal to us!Final Thoughts on the MSR Whisperlite Universal Backpacking StoveThere you have it my friends. I hope you found this Whisperlite Universal review informative and helpful! You are now primed to make an informed decision for yourself regarding if the Universal is the right stove for you.At the end of the day, having the right stove to fuel your adventures is an important decision
Great Stove! But...
This is a great light stove for anyone looking to get a durable backpacking stove. It can be a little hard to prime if you are not used to a Whisperlite. If you use MSR's Superfuel there is still a bunch of Soot when priming. The stove burns hot... Super hot...... Don't expect to simmer and do amazi...
Nolan D.
4 months ago
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Second one, glad they still make it.
This is my go to stove for winter/bad weather/group camping trips. It always works, even when it is cold out. The stove preheats with a small puddle of fuel, and you don't have to worry about the pressure in the can, as you pressurize that yourself. Not the quietest, but a lot quieter than an MSR Dr...
D M Smith
5 years ago
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MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove Review
As I said, you can get these stoves in their separate configurations for less money.
Living Survival
3 months ago
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A base constant for all other stoves
I have used many backpacking stoves over my time and I use this model as the base to compare and contrast with every other white gas stove on the market. I have cooked hundreds of meals on the trail and from an economic/weight factor, this stove is probably the lightest and least expensive to operat...
2 years ago
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Never a problem...
This stove is so simply built, there's nothing to repair. The only improvement I have made is pump replacement, after 20 years... I prefer the basic Whisperlite model because it seems to preheat faster than the international model. If I plan on using fuel other than white gas I have an International...
BobStevenson 2.
5 months ago
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Works well for solo hiking
I use this stove for any backpacking trip more than 2 days. It's more compact than my JetBoil, but takes more time to setup and heat water. I find the stove gets very very sooty on the legs, on the bottom of the burner, and on center of the stove. However, a leaf can be used to wipe off the soot so ...
7 years ago
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Is The MSR WHISPERLITE Still the GOLD STANDARD of Liquid Fueled Camp Stoves?
Like I said, I knew that I wouldn't use it a whole lot day to day, but as a collector, it's hard to avoid these vintage liquid fuel stoves, especially from Msr.
3 months ago
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Stainless Steel

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Gas Powered