MSI GP66 Leopard

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  • Made for gaming
  • Fast and stays cool
  • Responses are very fast
  • A modern gaming laptop with an Nvidia RTX 30
  • Adaptive cooling system really surprised us positively


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The Laptop is incredible! Fast and stays cool. Responses are very very fast. Best gaming I ever had.
Amazon Customer
1 year ago
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These performances beat all laptops with laptop CPUs including 5900HX and 10980HK, and are also better than 99% of all $3.5k+ desktop replacement laptops that use desktop CPUs as well. The scores also beat all desktop 3060/3060TI scores, and is faster than 95% of all desktop 3070 scores as well. Conclusion. If you want uncompromising, best in class gaming laptop performance, a GP66 11UH is definitely the way to go.
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I now understand the Legion 5 Pro hype...
im working on my memory OC, as mine is 3200 with cl22 reduced to 18cl for now, i play all games on low settings but for mesh on ultra or high and works wonderfull. also screen is 240hz and had 0 backlight bleed but i think i saw today maybe just a glimpse of it, im sure it will happen but for now looks perfect. as legions and razer and alienware and some other brands look to have amazing laptops MSI did amazing job with gp66.
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Step-up performance at the right price
But the Leopard excels in the area that matters most: game performance. Not only does it blow budget competitors like the Lenovo Legion 5i out of the water, but thanks to the new RTX 3070 it’s a significant step up from today’s luxury gaming laptops while remaining a large step down in price.
Monica Chin
6 months ago
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I was looking for a decent windows laptop to replace my MacBook Pro since I need a windows laptop for work. I saw this and it seemed like a great deal so I bought it.
Fantastic laptop with a MUX switch, though it’s 3070 TI is clocked at 120 watts whereas the MSI GP66 is about 1.9k with a 150 watt 3070 Ti. Though the i9 is gonna be sweet if you’re shooting for any esport games. The 16 by 10 is gonna be amazing too
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Are either of these laptops a good deal?
#2. Also more storage will help a ton if you play modern warfare or more than one game. You’ll fill up a 512 quicker than you think. I also think the 3070 is epic for gaming and streaming and editing too. I love my 3070 msi gp66 laptop
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Question: why do people here always recommend ryzen CPUs over intel CPUs when intel offers better gaming performance? I know ryzens offer slightly better performance in other areas but 99% of the time I see people gloss over the performance loss in games compared to intel.
\- Availability: Although you can get Ryzen laptops (I myself snatched 2 Asus Strix for myself and my kid in May) it's still hard to find the most hyped ones and some Intel ones are readily available (Like the MSI Leopard, Razer variants, Alienware, etc.). Also, some Intel laptops, specially 10th gen seems to be having price cuts (Just saw an Alienware that used to cost 2190 been sold by 1545 USD and their site now list as 1750 USD with a 3070, which is the same price the Strix G15 3070 was been sold at BestBuy).
Verdict - Good budget high-performance gamer
These include the Leopard's poor battery runtimes and the less than optimal build quality, which is also noticeable in the more complicated maintenance. We are almost shocked that the new GP66 model no longer has a USB-C port, which is no longer up-to-date at the end of 2021!
Christian Hintze
6 months ago
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Which processor?
Product details say i7 10750h "octa core" which is not accurate. That processor is a hexacore. However further down there is reference to i7 10870h which is an octacore. Then further down than that it goes back to stating it comes with the i7 10750h.
Samantha Marsh
1 year ago
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Are gaming laptops a good investment for someone who is going to be on the road a lot?
i would say so.
I got the MSI GP66 Leopard at launch in February with a 3070 and have not had any issues with it. Runs all games without any issues. It does get loud after extended play sessions, but that's it.


Operating System

Windows 10 Home


Intel Core i7 (11th Gen) 11800H / 2.3 GHz

Max Turbo Speed

4.6 GHz

Number of Cores