MSI GF65 Thin

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  • Great for gaming
  • Powerful and fast (booting, game loadings, etc)
  • Audio -Screen
  • Edge of the laptop might bother your wrist skin while typing for too long
  • Might get too hot for lap use (assuming it’s right on top of your pants


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Top reviews

Good purchase. I’d give it 4.99 stars (why in the description)
Read full description for explanations. =>Pros: -Powerful and fast (booting, game loadings, etc) -Audio -Screen =>Cons: -Edge of the laptop might bother your wrist skin while typing for too long -Might get too hot for lap use (assuming it’s right on top of your pants) A strong and powerful machine. ...
veronica ydalgo
3 years ago
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6) MSI GF65 thin - i5 10500H 8gb ram 1660ti 6gb graphics 144Hz 15.6inch - ₹75k INR. All come with 512gb ssd and with their own advantages and disadvantages. I do know msi provides great specs but the quality and after sale service isn't good. And Idk whether cpu is important than gpu, so to pick strix over tuf or vice versa.
The easy serviceability, high display refresh rate, and relatively cool core temperatures when gaming are still some of our favorite aspects of the GF65.
Allen Ngo
3 months ago
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I found this great deal:. Company: MSI. Model: GF65 Thin 10SDR.
Loud but unbeatable value
Out of the box its beautiful. Much more slim and sleek than previous versions and overall just a lot more streamlined. The display is just absolutely spectacular. The value for what you get it great. For 1k its kind of unbeatable. But that doesn't come without problems, (cons below) Pros: Gtx 1660ti...
Somber Derivative
2 years ago
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The performance is great, so are the thermals. I have read great things about it myself. I personally own an MSI GF65 which I bought last month. Ryzen 7 laptops are scarce in my country.
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Good all around computer
Good gaming laptop for the money. I recieved it early and in 5 mins of turning it on everything was up and running and all updates installed. Playing mechwarrior5 demo it ran the game on high cool boost kicked in but I expected it as it is a graphic hog. The ssd is pretty fast the only issue is low ...
john benoit
3 years ago
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Great value but it does run super hot
As people have said before, this does run sooooo hot. Like really hot. Maybe it's because of the i7, but I've got 97 degrees on one of the cores which was horrible. I got a laptop rest with fans built in to constantly blow cooler air into the back of it. I also installed ThrottleStop (something I sa...
2 years ago
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Great hardware value, however the touchpad could improve.
The internal hardware is great. You won't find a better value for a 6-core i7-9750H and 1660Ti. - The only thing I can complain about is the touchpad feels very plastic and flimsy. It is also not completely flushed with the deck near the bottom of the pad and there is some travel between pushing dow...
Jacob Moua
3 years ago
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- MSI GF65 ----------------- 1,250 USD, 1.86kg. Which one are the best value?. Leaning towards MSI because it is cheap, but most importantly the lightest.


Operating System

Windows 10 Home


Intel Core i7 (10th Gen) 10750H / 2.6 GHz

Max Turbo Speed

5 GHz

Number of Cores