Marmot Limelight 3P Tent

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  • Great for backpacking
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Roomy for 3 people
  • Good quality and design


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Deep-Dive Review: Marmot Limelight 3 Tent
The Limelight 3 ($359) is the largest three-person tent in our test, and it’s full of features that make gear-heavy journeys a breeze. An update for 2022 adds two square feet of interior real estate for a total of 44, and 1.5 square feet of exterior vestibule space for a total of 13(6
3 months ago
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Marmot sleeping bags – any good?
I haven't used their bags but I have a marmot limelight 3p tent. Good quality and design. Overall I don't see many complaints about their stuff.
Absolute quality product! Very happy
I have used this tent on at least half a dozen occasions for hiking/camping in southern Australia. I recently took it down to a very rugged, remote track in the South-west of Tasmania, well known for harsh weather conditions. This tent held up so well to some really ordinary weather conditions. One ...
6 years ago
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INSIDER Marmot Limelight Tent Review - Is It Worth The Bucks?
There isn’t another tent quite like it at the price point making it a decent option for the money. You pop your email here, and we promise to send you only travel content that’s actually relevant — sounds like a pretty good deal to us!Marmot Limelight Review – Final ThoughtsI think we covered all of the salient points in our Marmot Limelight review and do hope you found it helpful. It is a good quality tent that offers good value for money
The Only 3 Person Tent for People Over 6 Feet Tall
This is the lightest tent that I know if that comfortably sleeps someone over 6 feet tall without having your head or feet rub against the tent walls. I'm 6'1'' and hate being in a tent where my feet are pressed against one wall and my head against the other. Since most tents have sloping sidewalls,...
Doron Avizov
2 years ago
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That is my review of the Marmot Limelight Three-person tent. Um, I really love this tent. It's probably the best tent I've ever had
Albert King
3 months ago
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Great tent!
We bought this tent for a road trip through Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. It was my first time major camping and the tent was extremely easy to set up and tear down. The tent held up well through a variety of weather. One night it down poured all night and we didn't get wet, but it did feel mo...
6 years ago
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Gear Help
I intentionally went small and somewhat light because it’s for Boy Scout camping, solo for me as a leader, occasionally with my son if we’re needing to go light for a night or two. I wouldn’t recommend it for two people for a long duration. Few nights is fine. Construction of the Marmot was obviously more sturdy than a more expensive Nemo (Dagger?)
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amazing tent.
Wow....amazing tent...assembles in 8-10 minutes and got the review as best tent from my fellow campers on my last trip.
4 years ago
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Best Beginner/Intermediate Backpacking Tent: Marmot Limelight 2P Tent Review
It's a little bit warmer than your traditional three season tent because the walls come up so high on it, it keeps you a lot warmer and then pair that up with a really good sleeping bag and a really good sleeping pad. You're gonna be really warm even in winter. So overall thoughts: The durability of this tent is absolutely amazing
Outdoor Essentials
3 months ago
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