Lumintop Tool AA

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  • Great for EDC
  • Reversible pocket clip
  • Runs on a single AA battery or 14500 Lithium Ion battery
  • Good looking device
  • Lightweight


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Top reviews

Major issue with new version: Constantly Lit tailcap
I have owned 3 versions of this light, from the 1.0, to the original 2.0 and now the new 2.0. This is my 5th Tool from Lumintop. There is a major problem with the new version: I use my light as an everyday carry light (in my pocket all the time) as well as at work in a professional setting. I use 14...
Harper Gray
2 years ago
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NLD Groomsmen gifts
Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 with the Nichia 219C. Gifts for my non flashlight enthusiast groomsmen. 14500s on the way! Love the size and feel of this light, my first time handling one. Worst thing about my order was that I forgot one for myself!
Quality Dim to bright on/off via twist and/or tail cap plus glow in the dark defusing rubber cap
Amazing AA light. This is my second Lumintop purchase. The first was around 6 years ago. It was well crafted and still performs well. I like small lights and it was a bit large for my tastes. It also used a tail cap switch, but I prefer twist on/off so it does not bump and drain This one is small. S...
4 years ago
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EDC Flashlight Review: LUMINTOP Tool AA 2.0 - Swift | Silent | Deadly
The small size of the Lumintop Tool is also reflected in its weight. The Lumintop Tool AA isn’t much larger than the Streamlight Microstream below it, and is substantially smaller and lighter than the Fenix LD12 above it.Weight: This is an extremely light flashlight
Good light for good price
Nice little light with decent output and battery life considering the size. The Nichia emitter gives really good color accuracy which is great for automotive wiring work. It’s a great EDC light that can also clip to your ball cap if needed. The blue light on the end cap is nice for finding it on a d...
Jason P.
10 months ago
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Parasitic drain from lighted tailcap
Good looking device. Lightweight. Reversible pocket clip. Tail switch control. Hard anodizing seems well done. Diffuser is a nice touch (but I've lost every other one I've ever had even though I think they're a good idea, so I'd imagine I'll lose this one too). Included spare O-rings are appreciated...
2 years ago
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Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 - The Ultimate Pocket Light? [Opinions]
Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 with tail cap lit up using 14500 battery NiMH Batteries vs. 14500 Lithium Ion Brightness is generally higher on all modes using a 14500 lithium ion battery, though if you look at the specs this is often at the expense of runtimes
4 months ago
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A tough little general purpose light.
The Lumintop Tool AA is a cool little AA sized light, but also accepts a higher voltage 14500 lithium ion battery. It's super lightweight making it easy to clip in your pocket. You don't even know it's there. The quality seems top-notch and the threads are square cut and very smooth. The threads are...
4 years ago
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Opinions on a high-CRI hatlight?
The Skilhunt E2A is better than the Tool AA in every way at about the same price, and comes with a 2 way clip as standard.
Great EDC Light, Super Bright With 14500 Battery, BLUE tailcap light drains battery
This is an interesting EDC flashlight. Runs on a single AA battery or 14500 Lithium Ion battery. Given the battery flexibility, there are some interesting things about this light. 1) it has low,med, hi, and turbo mode that is accessible when using an AA or 14500 battery. Didn't notice much differenc...
3 years ago
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1.5 Volts

Number of Batteries

1 AA batteries required.

Water Resistance Level


Luminous Flux

650 Lumen