Lumintop FW3A

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  • Great for EDC
  • Bright enough
  • Good all round 18650 EDC light
  • Features packed
  • A little too much parasitic battery drain


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Top reviews

No battery = No sale
This Lumintop FW3A listing stated a battery was included. NOPE! After I pointed this out, to their credit, the distributor has promised to mail one. If you’d like to know more about this intriguing flashlight, it is quirky and can be a bit unreliable. However, the FW3A has found immense flamin’ brig...
1 year ago
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Have you seen the new 14500 version of the FW3a? Picture from Freeme on BLF
I love 14500 lights, but there are not a lot of fun lights using that battery size. This will be easier to carry than the standard FW3a and Anduril in a small light!
Loving Lumintop
My fifth Lumintop. Nice compact size. Great build quality. Lots of light. Love the nice neutral tint.
Michael C.
1 year ago
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A great light - When it works.
I've bought this light at least six times. Three have broken when changing batteries - now the company tells you to change them from the other end, because the spring breaks at the normal (back) end battery change ! This doesn't fix the problem, the spring still breaks off the end cap ! Another one ...
Amazon Customer
1 year ago
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Lumintop Fw3A Review — Everyday Commentary
Its classic body tube will ensure that the light is relevant and useful for years to come, well after it has lost its crown in terms of lumens. You won’t be disappointed by the Fw3A at all. Its a stellar torch
Worlds greatest flashlight.
Of the hundreds maybe thousands of products I have purchased on Amazon, this Lumintop FW3A is my favorite. It is objectively a top 5 EDC flashlight in the world. With its small compact size and true 2800 lumen count, you will be pleased. Yes it does get hot, however this is not the fault of the ligh...
2 years ago
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Flashlight Review: TLF/BLF FW3A - Light Painting Blog
For a compact general purpose flashlight for flashlight enthusiasts, the FW3A is excellent.
4 months ago
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So I've recently moved out to the glorious country and realized the 500 lumen Smith and Wesson tactical lights from Cabellas weren't going to cut it. Next, I ended up buying a 1200 lumen Surefire "pocket" light that takes CR123 batteries. A buddy of mine showed me his Lumintop FW3A and suddenly, I had a flashlight addiction!. I joined this sub and was introduced to so many amazing flashlights.
Review: Lumintop FW3A - perhaps the ultimate flashlight enthusiast's EDC light
If ever there was a factory flashlight built with modification in mind, the FW3A is it.
4 months ago
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Small, but powerful
This torch is packed with features. It will do almost anything you want. That being said, it is a little complex to program. But if you don't mind taking a little time to understand all the things you can do with it, it will reward you! What I liked about it the most was it's small size for the powe...
2 years ago
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